Long-term Asset Tracking SERVICE

Long term asset tracking lets you track inventory, equipment, and assets. These trackers report a few times per day and have batteries that last up to 3 years.

Track your supply chain, equipment and more with powerful tools for businesses. Use the Logistimatics rules engine to deliver notifications and actions based on the movements of your tracker.

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Tracking your assets, equipment and inventory is easy

Powerful tools to help you track your most valuable assets

Discounts for asset tracking service:
QuantityMonthly6 MonthsAnnually
1 - 9$9$9$8
10 - 99$8$7.50$7
100 - 999$7$6.50$6
1000 - 4999$6$5.50$5

Trackers with batteries that last 3+ years

Trackers usually report their location 1-4 times per day

Powerful tools let you track your assets

Alerts, team access, and configurable rules make tracking easy

Integrate tracking data into your software

Data can be integrated into your software with our API

Long Term Asset Tracking FAQ

When you purchase a Logistimatics tracker, you'll have the option to activate your tracker and get started with service. You'll be able to track from any iOS or Android device or web browser.

You can stop the service at any time. There are no contracts.

Long term asset trackers usually report their location a few times per day (or occasionally more when you set them to "recovery mode"). Asset trackers usually have a very long battery life.

Realtime trackers report every 30 seconds.

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Absolutely, please contact us and we'll be glad to advise.