Review: The best 4G GPS Tracker

We are really excited to announce that one of our products, the Micro-420 was recently added to the list of Best GPS Trackers for 2019 on Tracker Reviews, a reviews site that helps people select the best GPS tracker for … Continue Reading

Success Story on Stolen Equipment

If you’ve ever had something stolen, you know how unsettling it can be. We hear stories about theft every week from our current and new customers. One of our favorite things about our industry is helping companies recover stolen equipment. … Continue Reading

Announcing our single-use GPS Shipment Tracker!

Micro-230 Tracker for Shipments  Have you ever needed a GPS shipment tracker that could be send out without having to worry about getting it back?  Verifying the location or custody of your shipment as it travels is not easy. We’re … Continue Reading

Choosing the Best GPS Tracker

When determining which GPS tracker is the best, the answer will vary depending on how the tracker will be used.   For example, consider someone looking to track their child vs. a company looking to track their equipment, the two users … Continue Reading