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Sell your inventory with confidence.

Our easy-to-use tracking apps make it easy for car dealerships and auto finance companies to track their assets. We focus on reliability and excellent location data. Our tracking products give you the tools you need to reduce delinquencies and improve cash flow. Logistimatics tracking lets you focus on sales and makes recoveries easy.

Tracking apps for buy here pay here dealers
GPS Tracking platform

Track and recover vehicles

Protect your assets with reliable, cost efficient tracking. Track all your vehicles on an easy-to-use dashboard.

Realtime GPS location reporting

Motivate your customers

Reduce delinquencies and improve customer communication with a safe, reliable vehicle tracking app.

GPS Tracking safety feature

Mitigate risk

Lower your downside risk of loosing vehicles. Tracking helps protect your investments and ensure payment.

Amazing support

Lower repo costs

Make repos more cost efficient with accurate information for your drivers. Share vehicle location info with them.

Hardwired + Battery powered trackers

Reliable tracking for car dealers to protect your assets

GPS car tracking is easy and intuitive. The tracking dashboard on your phone gives you an overview of where all your cars + trucks are at a glance. From the dashboard, you can see where your cars have stopped. You can also see where your vehicles are right now and historic locations of everywhere they have been in the past.

Hardwired GPS Tracker + 2-3 years of service

The Road Wired Tracker is a reliable, 4G hardwired tracker for dealers and finance companies.

Hardware + service included.
4G tracker with nearly universal coverage.
Built-in backup battery
Simple 2-wire installation.

GPS Tracker for Dealers- 4G battery powered

Battery powered tracker + 1-3 years of service

The Asset-432D has a 3 year battery life. The tracker requires no installation. Simply place the tracker into the car and start tracking.

Hardware + service included.
No contracts, ever.
Save on installation costs. Just place in the vehicle.
Reliable 4G tracking anywhere.

Recoveries are the hardest thing I have to deal with. Logistimatics is easy to use and we know where our cars are now.

Kim J.

This has been a been a big help for us. We do more deals now and are willing to take a few more risks. It's paying off.

Brandon L.

I needed a reliable, cost effective solution for my inventory. We needed something simple and easy to use.

Kevin T.

Reliable tracking for dealerships

Protect your assets. Reduce delinquencies. Logistimatics makes it so easy to track vehicles. To get started with our battery powered tracker, simply turn the tracker on and place it inside the vehicle. No installation required. Get alerts when vehicles enter or exit an area (a geofence) with our easy-to-use tracking app.

Reliable, cost-effective tracking.
Full visibllity with an easy-to-use dashboard.
Amazing customer support from real humans.

Battery powered BHPH Tracker

Lower your risk and protect your assets

Watch how our affordable, easy to use trackers work in real life. Our simple, web based tracking dashboard makes recoveries a breeze.

93% Increase in vehicle recovery time

Vehicles equipped with a GPS tracker are recovered more quickly. This allows dealers and auto-finance companies to sell with confidence.

17% Average decrease in lost revenue

Dealers and lenders on our tracking platform see a 17% average decrease in lost revenue from unpaid loans and unrecoverable assets.

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