GPS Cargo, Package, and Shipment Tracking

We provide powerful GPS solutions for tracking shipments and freight.

Harness an intuitive dashboard and GPS tracking system for seamless visibility into the location of your deliveries. Track parcels and containers from a smartphone or computer. Take control of your logistics.

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Real-time visibility and alerts for your shipments

Get instant visibility on your parcels and packages with our easy-to-use and secure tracking platform.

Communicate the status of shipments effortlessly to team members and customers with sharable map links.

Get ahead of delays and issues when your freight is in transit with real-time alerts.

Shipment tracking dashboard
GPS Shipment tracking for consumers

Provide customer-facing location data

Give your customers and team real-time location data of product shipments

GPS shipment tracking

Track shipments of valuable inventory

Add security and reliability to your shipping processes with GPS shipment tracking

GPS delivery trackers

Promote efficient deliveries

Gain efficiency by notifying your teams of when their shipping containers will arrive

GPS container tracking

GPS tracking devices with multi-year battery life

Keep track of shipments longer using GPS trackers with an extended battery life

Micro 431 Shipment Tracker

Micro-431 Shipment Tracker


Tech Specs:


Battery Life:

Up to 2 weeks

Ideal Application:

Single use or reusable shipment tracker

4G Property Tracker

Protect Plus | 4G GPS Tracker with 18-Month Battery


Tech Specs:


Battery Life:

Up to 4 weeks+

Ideal Application

Reusable, longterm asset and shipment tracker

Show all shipment trackers

Powerful trackers and tools for shipping

Get a bird's-eye view of your shipments and know the big picture at all times. Improve efficiency and your bottom line.

Gain peace of mind with location visibility
Anticipate freight problems sooner
Parcel tracking made simple

Arrival time prediction for cargo and packages

Provide accurate estimated arrival times for your cargo with a GPS package tracker. ETA is recalculated every 15 minutes based on the tracker's movements due to travel speed, disruptions, and other factors.

You can provide ETA predictions to customers, job sites, and teams to increase efficiency. Get ahead of issues and delays in delivery times by leveraging real-time tracking data.

Shipment tracker and app

Shipment and freight tracking at scale

Manage all of your trackers with an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly dashboard.

Create and send read-only tracking links to your customers or to team members in your company. Notify customers and team members when a shipment or delivery has reached its destination.

Realtime location reporting

See the current location and past locations of your shipments over time

API access for easy integrations

Easily integrate your tracking data into existing software
Wifi tracking

GPS tracking with WiFi updates

Tracking that works even in areas with poor GPS reception

Get anticipated arrival times

We recalculate arrival times every 15 minutes to provide accurate ETA

Tools for empowered teams

Share shipment dashboard details, alerts, and arrival notifications

Shareable links for customers

Send your customers and team members a read-only tracking link

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