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Automotive Container Tracking

Prevent loss and improve container efficiency

Reusable containers are a critical part of an OEM’s supply chain. Unfortunately, they are frequently targets of theft and misuse. Automotive and other industries track thousands of containers all over the world with our elegant dashboard. Our container tracking tools give manufacturers and their suppliers tools to protect and manage their container inventory.

  • Managers and teams can see all containers in a powerful web dashboard
  • Only a fraction of total containers need to be tracked to see problems, trends and to improve auditing
  • Color coded notifications allow managers to quickly analyse all contantiers and identify missing, lost or stolen containers

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GPS tracking has given us visibility into our supply chain to see where our containers and racks are at all times. Before we tracked, we had no idea how long they were staying at our suppliers. Now we can see if they are staying too long and can hold suppliers accountable.

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Manage all your containers in one place

Simple, customizable dashboards help you understand what’s happening to your containers no matter where they travel. This visibility helps improve your existing auditing and vendor performance. Real-time location data answers questions about where containers are right now and where they have been.

  • Easy to use tools let you manage your containers by exception and answer the question “where shouldn’t the container be?”
  • Get alerts when containers move into or out of problematic areas
  • See containers that are stuck and haven’t moved for weeks or months

GPS trackers that go the distance

Rugged, waterproof trackers are attached to a portion of your containers, racks or totes. These trackers have a battery life of up to 3 years and are easily concealed. It’s important to note that not all containers need to be tracked in order to have an effective tool for auditing and container recovery. Reliable, cost effective hardware + powerful tools for monitoring gives you what you need to improve the efficiency and security of your containers.

  • Reliable trackers with batteries that last up to 3 years
  • Small, waterproof enclosures are discrete and easy to attach
  • Configure reporting settings from the tracking platform

Built in tools for teams and suppliers

It’s easy to share resources with your teams and suppliers. Send a read-only tracking link to suppliers, customers or internal teams. Share tracking, alerting and more with our cloud based tracking platform.

  • Add team members to container montiorting and and alerts
  • Share read-only tracking links with external teams

  • API access to tracking data let’s you easily integrate with existing systems

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  • Kevin L

    We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars of containers from all over North America. This investment has fundamentally changed the way we track containers and audit suppliers. It has lowered our costs and we’re purchasing fewer single use containers due to shrinkage from our reusables.

  • Kumar S.

    Our team spends time each week auditing the locations of our container inventory. We always knew what the problems were. Now we have a way to do something about it.

  • Kenneth P.

    Our company made an investment in RFID to try to solve this problem. The issue is we can’t control if our suppliers RFID readers are implemented properly and working. GPS cuts out the suppliers and lets me see exactly what’s happening.

  • Ravi D.

    Nobody cares about our racks as much as we do. They’re expensive and it’s our job to watch them. We’re further along with that goal than we have been in years. Highly recommended.

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