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GPS Tracking for Construction Industry

Saving money and increasing output

To maximize profit and lower risk, it’s important that managers and teams in the construction industry have access to location data of vehicles, people, tools, and equipment. Giving managers visibility into fleets and assets will enable efficiency and safety in the field. Logistimatics is focused on providing our customers with the data they need to see the full scope of their work. With GPS tracking, you can see where your assets or crew are in real-time, and use this information to coordinate your projects and secure your equipment.

  • Track your drivers and get visibility into speeding, stops, and vehicle location
  • Reduce costs and improve your ability to route drivers
  • Protect your vehicles, equipment, inventory, and tools

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When some equipment went missing from a job site, we tracked it to a house in south London. Police were contacted and recovered it.

Des Kelly
Fourways Plant, London


Track everything from an easy dashboard

Deliver more productivity from your team with an easy-to-use tracking dashboard. Track from a mobile app or any web browser and get alerts when events happen (like an asset enters or leaves a particular area). GPS tracking increases safety and helps drive better performance from teams.

  • Track and manage company vehicles for location and safety
  • View vehicle and asset locations from one easy to use dashboard
  • Enable your team to locate and track vehicles, trailers and equipment

Track the things that walk away

Active construction sites are inherently difficult to secure. Inventory, equipment, and tools are frequently stolen. Proactive companies are using trackers to secure the most vulnerable items including HVAC units, materials, appliances, equipment and more. Companies are able to prevent theft and increase efficiency.

  • Protect tools, inventory and assets
  • Avoid expensive downtime and replacement costs
  • Deter theft and reduce your exposure

Protect assets & equipment

Equipment tracking lets you monitor the use of your large and small equipment. Get realtime location, engine runtime hours (for maintenance) and more on each piece of equipment you own. This information will help you increase productivity and reduce delays and downtime. If there is inappropriate or excessive use, you’ll know immediately.

  • Monitor and track large and small equipment
  • Track engine runtime for maintenance
  • Increase productivity and monitor usage

Monitor and manage

GPS vehicle tracking lets you identify any safety, performance or utilization problems to lower your companies risk and increase productivity. Monitor vehicle speed, location, and miles traveled from the tracking dashboard. Control and improve your labor costs with a better understanding of where your team members are traveling.

  • Track vehicle location, speed, stops and distance traveled.
  • Many insurance companies are providing discounts for active GPS tracking on commercial vehicles.
  • Limit overuse or misuse of vehicles and equipment, including off-hours use.

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Reviews from our customers

  • Eric Rogers

    I purchased the Wired-421 Tracker, knowing excavating equipment tends to grow legs if left on job sites. 2 months after my purchase, a trailer that was loaded for a job got stolen. Thanks to your notifications, I was alerted and within 10 minutes of it leaving I was able to pull video and notify the local police. We recovered the stolen equipment and the suspects were arrested. They were able to recover more than just our items…a local guy also got his truck back. Our purchase has already paid for itself. Thank you!

  • Susan Townsend

    Features are exactly as I hoped for with flawless performance!

  • Meg Summers

    Tracker works great. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Brandon Arret

    We’ve got this on all of our equipment now. The tracker works great and reports every day. No problems at all and our equipment get s beat around in the field.

  • Simon Johnson

    We’re using trackers on all of our vehicles now. Tracking is too cheap and easy not to use now. I worry less about speeding and lost time. It’s a good product.

  • Kenneth Terrell

    We track all our big equipment now. Works great!

  • Tim Mack

    Our operations manager keeps the tracking dashboard open all the time. We spot problems before they happen now. It’s a good motivation for our teams to make sure they’re in the right place at the right time.

  • Brandon Smith

    We’re using the Asset-432 to track light plants, generators and trailers. We bought them because of the 3 year battery life.

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