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GPS Tracking for Manufacturers

Tracking products from start to finish

Track your products from raw materials to customer shipments while maximizing productivity and minimizing costs and delays. Give your teams instant visibility of your company’s products wherever they go. You can schedule alerts for your team to notify them prior to the arrival of a product or of possible delays and identify manufacturing bottlenecks by seeing exactly where delays occur along the way. With real-time GPS tracking, you will know where your company’s assets are at all times.

  • Track and protect your products from door to door
  • Avoid downtime and delays
  • Identify production and shipping bottlenecks
  • Track WIP + inventory in transit

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It's about the experience...and technology is key. We now have more visibility to see LTL, Partial, and Truckload shipments in this old school industry. We actually had to call a carrier and tell THEM where our shipment was.

Richard Chu, Director of Supply Chain & Process Improvement
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Full visibility when your products leave the plant

Our cloud-based tracking dashboard helps manufactures identify and fix problems before the occur. Get instant visibility of all of your products / shipments / finished goods in one place. Set up a geofence alert to receive real-time notification alert if your tracker arrives or enters or exits an area.

  • Track and manage your assets from one easy to use dashboard
  • See finished goods as they move through distribution channels
  • Track valuable and time-sensitive assets

Track work in progress and stored materials

We know there can be a disconnect between where materials should be stored and their actual location. Our tracking solutions help manufactures connect the dots on stored materials and work in progress. Our tough asset trackers will last 3+ years and improve efficiency and security of stored materials.

  • See where inventory is actually located
  • Get alerts when asset enters or leaves a particular area
  • Use trackers with multi-year, maintenance-free batteries

Give teams the info they need

Inform your customers and teams when they are likely to receive a product. We recalculate the delivery ETA every 15 minutes based on the tracker’s movements. This provides more accurate predictions that are based on travel speed, disruptions, and wait times. Giving managers visibility into product deliveries helps create a better customer experience.

  • Send single-use tracking links to customers and third parties to give them instant access to tracking
  • Share dashboard details, alerts, and arrival notifications
  • Enable your team to locate and track assets

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Reviews from our customers

  • Ryan Bain

    Great tracking device for assets in the field. Battery lasts surprisingly long also.

  • Benjamin Church

    I have compared this item to others of the same class and it is by far the best. Instant notifications and highly accurate updates. The app works great. If you are looking for an asset tracking look no further.

  • Amy Cleur

    I bought this item for tracking rentals and works perfectly. I can see clearly where our assets are at any time. I paid for a 1 year subscription and it is worth it. I also 100% recommended the customer service team, very attentive.

  • Brooks Landry

    Our company is tracking inventory as it is shipped to distributors to distributors and customers. We can see inside our supply chain and fix problems.

  • Judy Klein

    Awesome tracker! Reliable and great customer service too.

  • Mark Grippo

    The tracking is spot on! Great device, easy to use and very effective.

  • Michelle Clapp

    If you want to protect your shipments and give yourself a little piece of mind… I highly recommend this product!

  • David James

    So far we purchased 50 of these and they all worked perfectly. These are the easiest and most economical trackers we’ve ever used.

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