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Live Audio Setup (required)

In order to use the live audio feature, you must first set your cellphone number as the SOS number. An SOS number is an authorized phone number that can call the tracker. We have this in place so that spam callers, telemarketers, etc. cannot call the device. You will want to use any cellphone numbers… Continue Reading

How do I configure my tracker’s alerts?

To configure alerts in your mobile app, select Alerts at the bottom of the map screen. Alerts will be beside Map, Info, and Commands. Under Alerts, you will see a list displaying all the recent alerts your tracker has sent. Select the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the app to go to… Continue Reading

How do I view past stops made by my tracker?

In the mobile app, when viewing the tracking map for your tracker, locate the Flag icon on the map. Select the Flag icon and use the left/right arrows to cycle through all stops for the selected time range. If there are no stops in that time range (1-day range by default), the map focuses on… Continue Reading

How do I view past tracking data?

In your mobile app, when looking at your tracking map for a specific tracker on your account, you can check past location history by selecting the clock icon on your tracking map. The clock icon brings up the date range at the bottom of the map. Select the date to change the range from today… Continue Reading

How can I export my tracking data?

Begin by logging in to our tracking webapp, https://gps.logistimatics.com, and going to the Reports tab. Once there, you can select a specific tracker and date range to pull a report for. This report will take a snapshot of all the trackers locations and alerts for that time range. It also gives you the option of… Continue Reading

What do the colored dots on the map mean?

Black or white dots – locations where the tracker was traveling faster than 1 mph (black or white dots depending on Map/Satellite view) Yellow dots – locations where he tracker was slowing down Red dots – locations where the tracker was traveling slower than 1 mph Big blue circles – locations where the tracker couldn’t… Continue Reading

How do I download the mobile app?

You can download the iOS or Android mobile app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store by searching for “Logistimatics”.  For Android Devices, this is the direct link: Google Play Store For iOS devices, this is the direct link: App Store You can also track from the web at gps.logistimatics.com

I ran out of audio minutes. How can I add more?

You can purchase additional hours of audio here. Hours of audio purchased this way do not expire and are shared among all trackers on your account. Once purchased, audio time will be available for use immediately. If you’re having problems with live audio, please see our live audio FAQ.

How do I add a geofence?

By setting up a geofence (an area on the map), you can be alerted when the tracker enters/exits the geofence area.

How do I add another user?

You can add another user to your account by logging in at https://gps.logistimatics.com/ Go to Account > Manage Users and create the new user

How can I download all my location data?

Download current locations for all trackers Log in to https://gps.logistimatics.com Click the downward arrow that says “Download these points” to get the current locations of all your trackers. Download locations for a particular tracker Log in to https://gps.logistimatics.com Select the tracker you want location data for Select the date range you are interested in. You… Continue Reading

Using the Shipments Feature

You can use the Shipments tab in the browser to create and track your shipments. *Note: Shipments is turned off by default.  If you want us to enable Shipments for your account, please Contact Support and we’ll get the feature turned on for you.  You can only access the Shipments page from gps.logistimatics.com Once there,… Continue Reading