• How frequently does the Asset 432 report?
    The Asset 432 has the capability to report 1, 2, or 4 location dots per day depending on the reporting mode the tracker is set to via commands. The initial report time can be set (ie the tracker can be set to report 4x per day starting at 11:00am). If a specific time is needed, please contact our support team. The standard reporting intervals are:

    1 - every 24 hours (1 per day)

    2- every 12 hours (2 per day)

    3- every 6 hours (4 per day)

    4- every 1 hour (tracker will report 1x per hour)

    Additionally, the Asset 432 can also be set to 'repo' mode via commands. Repo mode will cause the device to report every 2 minutes for 1 hour. Like all commands for the Asset 432, the tracker will only accept the repo mode command when the tracker scheduled to wake up on the reporting mode it is currently working on.

    The Asset 432 uses battery % in correlation to how many dots it lays down on the map, so more frequent reporting will use more battery life and shorten the life of the battery quicker. In order to achieve a long battery life, the device goes into a sleep mode between reports. You cannot wake the device up when it is in that sleep-like state. All commands being sent to the device while it is sleeping will not be received until the tracker's next scheduled report.
  • Will the Asset 432 trigger a geofence?
    Yes, however, geofences alerts are triggered differently on the Asset 432 than realtime trackers. When an alert is triggered for a geofence, a device has to REPORT either inside or outside of the geofence in order to send an alert. Therefore, if the Asset 432 is reporting inside the geofence, and leaves before the next report when the next report comes an alert will also be triggered.
  • How do I turn the device on and off?
    To turn the Asset 432 on/off

    1. There will be 4 rubber plugs that will need to be removed.

    2. Once those plugs are removed 4 screws will be unscrewed.

    3. Once unscrewed, you will separate the two halves of the device, by turning the device so the magnet side is up. Then you will pull up on the lip by one of the screw holes.

    4. The last step will be to toggle the switch either to on or off. If you toggle it on, you will have to press the button right above the on switch and a bight light will come on. Then put it back together.

    The Asset 432 should be sent to the purchaser already powered on unless requested otherwise.
  • How long will the battery last?
    The Asset 432 is appealing due to its long battery life. Below is the length of battery life at the different reporting frequencies.

    1 location report per day = up to 36 months/ 2 location reports per day = 18 months/ 4 location reports per day = 9 months

    If the device is put in repo mode, it will take a significant amount of battery.
  • Where/How do I mount the Asset 432?
    The device can be mounted anywhere where it is available to be placed that isn't completely surrounded by metal. The ideal placement for best results would be with the device facing the sky

    There are 2 ways for the device to be mounted.

    If you want to attach it magnetically, just place the device on a flat piece of metal allowing it to stick as securely as possible.

    The second way to attach it is to screw the device into whatever it's being placed on.

  • How do I replace the battery?

Common questions about the Asset 432 functionality.