Getting your tracker set up and running, with speed and simplicity in mind.

Downloading the App

  1. Download the “Logistimatics” app:
  2. Tap install. You may need to enter your Google Play or Apple ID password to download the app. If you have not installed an app before, you will be asked by Google or Apple to enter your credit card information.
  3. Once installed, open the app and login with the same email and password you used when purchasing the device.
Login Screen for App

Getting Started

Your device should come to you powered on. The on/off mechanism is inside the device and is typically only accessed when changing the battery.

The Asset 432 has excellent coverage regarding the cellular network it works on (4G) in the US. It is still advised to give the device the best view of the sky and the least amount of obstruction possible when placing it; this allows for the best conditions so the tracker will report accurate locations when it is scheduled to wake up.



The Asset 432 can report location in three ways 
Click on individual dots laid down on your map to get more information about that specific location.

1. A precise GPS location. **These would be the most reliable and accurate 

2. A less precise location based on nearby broadcasting wifi networks the tracker detects. **tracker does not log onto wifi networks but uses their presence to locate the device

3. An approximate location based on nearby cell towers  **tracker will show a large blue circle on the map in this case, typically when the device cannot get an adequate GPS signal.)

If the device cannot get a clear signal for a standard GPS report because it is in a garage, for instance, it would often issue a wifi or cell fix as a result.  

Wifi fix


Approximate Cell fix

A cell fix gives only an approximate location when the tracker cannot get a good view of the sky. This is can be less precise than a GPS or Wifi location but can still give you some location data on the device in less than ideal conditions regarding connectivity.


Reporting Frequency

By default, the Asset 432 reports once daily on a set 24 hour interval. The exact time of that report can be changed based on your needs. Please reach out to our support team and we’d be happy to assist with changing that for you.

The number of daily location reports is dependent upon which reporting mode the device is set to with the battery life scaling down accordingly. You can expect to get the 3+ years of battery life at one location report per 24 hours. That interval can be changed from the Commands tab within the mobile app, found on the larger tracking map page as shown below:

The Asset 432 will sleep between reporting times. You cannot wake it up by command or otherwise. You can pre-enter commands before the next wakeup time to get the command to accept during the wakeup, thus changing the reporting mode at that time. 

Additionally, there is a “repo” mode for the Asset 432 found in your commands section. Repo mode will cause the tracker to report every 2 minutes for the next hour, from the moment the tracker receives the command at wakeup on the current schedule. After that hour goes by of reporting every 2 minutes, the tracker will resume the previous reporting mode it was set to before repo mode was entered. There is also a command below the repo mode command to cancel the repo mode, taking the tracker back into the original reporting mode for the device before the repo mode command was entered.

Those commands appear like this:

Troubleshooting Your Asset 432

Asset 432 stopped tracking

The device is possibly not able to get any positioning currently. This may indicate it is surrounded by too much metal or there are no escape points for a signal to be achieved at the time of waking up. Changing the placement of the device may be a solution to keep the tracker responding on schedule. 


Asset 432 is not showing its exact location

Usually, when the device is unable to update or not showing an exact location it would be signal or coverage-related as the issue. If the Asset 432 is indoors where it cannot get a GPS signal in a specific location, for instance, the tracker will then try to locate using surrounding wifi networks or cell towers. Wifi and Cell locations can be less precise and can show up as more approximate locations on your tracking map.

The Asset 432 will typically begin reporting GPS position on its next scheduled interval as soon as it moves outside again, or returns to an area with sufficient cell/gps accessibility. 


Quick Start Instructions