If your tracker rings once or twice and immediately hangs up, the cause is most likely that you have not set the SOS number. The tracker will hang up if it does not recognize the phone number that is calling it.

This video explains how to set your SOS number.

How to set up your SOS number

When you set the SOS number on your tracker, you’re authorizing your cell phone as a number that is allowed to listen (otherwise, anyone with the tracker’s phone number could listen in).

The easiest way to set the SOS number is to use the Logistimatics mobile app.  In the app go to Commands > New > Set SOS Numbers.  Then enter your cell phone number (not the tracker’s phone number!).

Once this is done, you will never need to set it again and you can listen to live audio by simply calling your tracker’s phone number.

Note: If you have caller ID blocked, you will need to disable that feature before calling your tracker.