The Auto-454 is an optimal performance, low-maintenance 4G tracker.


Your tracker is shipped ready-to-install into your car’s OBD2 port. This is typically in the driver area of the car, often under the steering column.

After you plug your tracker into your car’s OBD2 port, allow a few minutes to find a signal to report your location.



Searching for Cell Signal.



Downloading the App

Download the “Logistimatics” app:

For Android from the Google Play Store

For iPhone from the Apple App Store

For a web browser, go to the tracking website

You may need to enter your Google Play or Apple ID password to download the app, depending on if you are using an Android device or iPhone. If you have not installed an app before, you will be asked by Google or Apple to enter your credit card information.
Once installed, open the app and login with the same email and password you used when purchasing the device.



Login Screen for the Mobile App



How it Works

When the car is moving, the tracker will report its location every 30 seconds. To check this, simply log into the tracking app for the current location of the vehicle and its previous locations in the last hour / day / week.

The tracker can report its position two ways: a precise GPS location and an approximate location based on nearby cell tower and Wifi access points.

These positions are indicated by a white pin (a precise GPS location) and a large blue circle (cell fix) showing the approximate location. If the Auto-454 cannot get a clear signal for a GPS fix, it will report an approximate location.



What Reporting Looks Like


Quick Start Instructions: Auto 454 Quick Start Instructions