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Account and billing

Trouble Activating

We are sorry you are having trouble activating your tracker. Check this list of solutions to see if any apply to you. Device in Use If you are receiving a message that says “Device in use”, please open a Support … Continue Reading

Live Audio FAQs

Live audio frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel a subscription go here After you go to the my-account page, click on the My Subscription option. That will take you to a page that displays all the subscriptions you have. If you have multiple subscriptions, click on … Continue Reading

Can I combine multiple tracking bills into one?

If you purchased multiple trackers at different dates, each tracker will have a different subscription renewal date. We are able to adjust your account so that all of your trackers are billed on the same date. We are unable to … Continue Reading

How do I download an invoice for my orders?

To download an invoice for any of your orders, including the orders associated with your subscription, you would go to your Account Orders Page. Once on the Orders page, you will find all of your historical orders listed under your … Continue Reading

How do I change my username?

When you sign up for an account with Logistimatics, either by purchasing a tracker or a subscription from the Logistimatics website, you will select a username that will be associated with your account. You cannot change the username for an … Continue Reading

How do I update my payment method?

You can update your payment method for your account by going to You can keep multiple cards on file for your payment methods. You can also choose to have one card be your default payment method. Additionally, you can … Continue Reading

Can I change my subscription billing date?

You cannot change your tracker’s subscription billing date once it is activated. Your tracker’s subscription billing date is set on the day you activate your device. The subscription will then charge the card you paid with every 30 days until … Continue Reading

How do I change my password?

To change your password for both the tracking app and to manage your account, go to Account Details

I ran out of audio minutes. How can I add more?

You can purchase additional hours of audio for $3/ hour. Hours of audio purchased this way do not expire and are shared among all trackers on your account. Once purchased, audio time will be available for use immediately. If you’re … Continue Reading

My subscription is cancelled. How can I reactivate?

Log into your Logistimatics account: Look under the section “Inactive trackers”. Find the tracker you want to reactivate and choose which subscription option you are want, and select “Activate”. Select “Proceed to checkout” on the next page (make sure … Continue Reading

Monthly Service Options

All of our trackers require a subscription. This amount includes all the cellular data and SMS fees for the tracker and also pays for the servers needed to store and process tracker data. If you have just purchased a tracker, … Continue Reading

How do I change ownership of tracker?

In order to change the ownership of a tracker, we need consent from both parties. Have the original owner send an email to with the following information: **Email must come from original owner’s account email Tracker serial number (e.g. … Continue Reading

How do I return my device?

You can return your Logistimaics device within 30 days of purchase, if it is in good condition and contains all original accessories and packaging. This return address is as follows: Logistimatics 1004 N. Elm St, Greensboro NC 27401 It is … Continue Reading

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