In order to change the ownership of a tracker, between one existing Logistimatics account to another existing tracking account, Customer Support will need consent from both parties.

  1. The current account owner must first relinquish ownership by sending an email to [email protected] with the following information: **Email must come from the original owner’s account email
    • Tracker serial number (e.g. 00000-01234)
    • Words to the effect of “I authorize New Owner’s account email to take control of this tracker(s) and it(they) can be removed from my account”
    • Inform Customer Support whether or not you want the previous tracking history deleted before the tracker(s) is(are) removed from the original account

Transfer requests can be submitted and addressed during normal business hours (9 am to 5 pm Eastern) once we have received permission from both parties. Please allow extra time for the transfer if outside of normal business hours.

If you wish to transfer ownership of a tracker from one existing Logistimatics account to someone who doesn’t currently have a tracking account, you will only need to have Customer Support remove the tracker from your account using the same steps as above with a consent email from the original account email. The new owner can activate the tracker with a new email/account at their convenience as long as the tracker is first removed from the original account with Customer Support.