If you are having trouble activating your tracker then check this list of information and links regarding activation troubleshooting.


Purchased directly from Logistimatics.com

  • When you purchase a tracker directly from Logistimatics.com, an account is created for you with the email/password you give at the time of purchase.
  • Once your tracker order processes at our facility, the tracker(s) appear in your account ready to activate under the My-Account page.
  • You can then activate your tracker under the My-Account page when you are ready to start the subscription.
  • Just click the link and log in to your account. Once logged in, you will find your tracker reserved for you and where you can select a service option.


Purchased from Amazon, Walmart, or another 3rd-Party

  • To activate a tracker that was purchased outside of Logistimatics.com, go here: www.logistimatics.com/activate.
  • Once on the activation page, enter your tracker’s serial number.
  • Select a service option and checkout.
  • Using the email/login you give at checkout, you can now log onto the mobile app on your mobile device and view your tracking. The Logistimatics app is available for iPhone and Android devices.
  • You can also view your tracking on the web app on your computer or phone at gps.logistimatics.com.


Wrong Tracker Number

If you are receiving the following error message:

You may have entered an incorrect serial number that is not recognized.

The serial number is the last 5 digit number that starts with “00000”, or the format could be 6-7 digits depending on your tracker model. You can find the number on a sticker either on your device or on the packaging box that the device came in.

If you do not see this number anywhere, please contact customer support by opening a support ticket and provide the IMEI number (15-digit #) on the device if it is available.


Barcode not Scanning

If you are using the barcode scanning feature on the app and it does not seem to be functioning try going to this link to activate instead. logistimatics.com/activate

Once there you can enter the serial number manually to activate and you should be able to proceed through the activation process.