Frequently asked questions about Live Audio.

  • Why won't my call connect?
    1. Before you can connect to live audio on your tracker you need to set your cellphone as the SOS number so that the phone is authorized to listen. Learn how to set your SOS number.

    2. Make sure your tracker is powered on. Your tracker will need to be powered on and connected to the cellular network for live audio to work. You can check the status of your tracker's current connection to the cellular network here. If you see disconnected by network status then live audio will not connect.

    3. Most live audio connectivity issues are temporary and will alleviate over time or when the tracker moves to a new location. Some reasons for this are cellular network coverage, network congestion, physical obstructions around the device, or the tracker being used sitting still indoors. We recommend waiting for the tracker to move to a new location where it will be able to "hear" a new cell tower and live audio will begin working again.

    4. Make sure you have enough live audio minutes on your account. You can check this from your mobile app under the INFO tab at the bottom. If you have used all of your live audio time you can always purchase more here
  • When I call my tracker it hangs up on me. Why?
    You may need to set your cellphone as the authorized SOS number. Live audio won't work until the SOS number is set. You can learn how to set your SOS number here.
  • How do I add more audio time?
  • Is there an unlimited plan?
    • There is not an unlimited audio plan currently.

    • The monthly fee includes access to the historical location data on our web and smartphone apps and all cellular data charges.

    • You can add more live audio time here.
  • How is audio calculated?
    • Audio minutes are used when you place a call and will stop being used when you hang up.

    • Your tracker's audio time is deducted similar to how prepaid phone service and call time is calculated starting shortly after the first ring and rounded up to the next minute.

    • Live audio minute calculations are handled by the cellular service provider and we cannot directly impact them or how they are counted.
  • To get good audio quality what is the best placement for my device?
    • Some of our devices must be powered/used in a specific area such as the charging port of the vehicle or the OBD port. For your battery-powered (stand-alone) device, you will want it as close to the source of audio as possible.

      You will need the device to be inside of the vehicle to get audio from inside the vehicle.

      Be mindful of where your device’s microphone is located, they are often very small and can be easily muffled or obstructed.
  • Which device has the best audio?
    Please be mindful our device’s function primarily as GPS tracking devices and have audio as a secondary feature. Of all our devices the Mobile-200g produces the best audio quality due to its open placement within a vehicle.
  • What is an SOS Number?
    An SOS number is an authorized phone number that can call the tracker. We have this in place so that spam callers, telemarketers, etc. cannot call the device. You will want to use any cellphone numbers you intend on calling the device from as your SOS number.

    You can learn how to set your SOS number here.
  • What number do I call to use live audio?
    To locate the tracker’s calling number go to the mobile app. Click on your small map view to make it larger, then select the INFO tab.

    Under the audio section in the INFO tab, you should see a 10-digit number. Beside this number will be an option to call. Or you can save this number and dial it directly from your phone’s keypad.
  • Can I use live audio internationally?
    This feature can only be used within the USA at this time. (You can still track in many other countries with our devices.)