Charging Your Device

Charge the tracker with the provided USB cable or magnet charger. The tracker will glow solid red while charging and blink red when fully charged.

You must turn on the tracker after charging it. Hold down the clear power button for 2 seconds until the green and blue lights flash. That indicates that the tracker is on.

A. Charging

Mobile 200
Mobile 200i

B. Fully Charged

Mobile 200
Mobile 200i

To turn on the tracker, press and hold the clear power button in the center until lights flash red, green, and blue.  You will need to check if the device is on after every charge—you can do so by quickly pressing the power button and seeing if the lights flash—this indicates the tracker is on.

To turn off, press and hold the clear power button for 5 seconds. Then press the clear button briefly – no lights will come on which means it is off.

Is the tracker on?

A. Tracker is Powered On

Mobile 200
Mobile 200i

Downloading the App

  1. Download the “Logistimatics” app:
    1. For Android from the Google Play Store
    2. For iPhone from the App Store
    3. For a web browser, go to
  2. Tap install. You may need to enter your Google Play or Apple ID password to download the app. If you have not installed an app before, you will be asked by Google or Apple to enter your credit card information.
  3. Once installed, open the app and login with the same email and password you used when purchasing the device.
Login Screen for App

How It Works

The Mobile 200 has live audio monitoring capabilities, as well as being a GPS locator. The live audio feature allows you to listen in to audio being picked up by the device’s microphone. In order to use this feature, you will setup your SOS number as your phone number.

See instructions on how to set up your SOS Number

When calling the device, the line will ring and then the audio from the device will begin transmitting once the line opens. Hanging up the line would end the transmission.

GPS Tracking

When first turned on after charging, allow the device a few minutes to find an initial signal to report your location. You can set it in a window or take it outside to get a clear view of the sky for this initial report. Sometimes motion is necessary if the signal isn’t picked up within a few minutes. A quick walk or drive around the block will help it grab that initial signal.

What Reporting Looks Like

Reporting modes and frequency can be changed by going to the Commands tab at the bottom of the screen and selecting New.

A. 30-second reporting

30 second tracking is useful for exact traces as a car travels


B. Cell Fix

A cell fix gives only an approximate location when the Mobile 200 cannot get a good view of the sky.


Mobile 200 stopped tracking or is showing disconnected

  • The device could be in a poor cell coverage area. View 2G coverage map.
  • The device could be powered off. You can check this with a quick tap of the power button, you should see flashing lights that would confirm the device is powered on. (See example above) Be sure to power the device back on after each charging session.
  • The device has a dead battery. You can check the battery level of the device in the Info tab in the mobile app. Note that the battery level shown reflects the amount remaining the last time the device reported, not necessarily its current charge.

Live Audio isn’t transmitting

  • Three rings and then the device hanging up means an SOS number isn’t assigned to the device yet. How to add SOS number
  • One ring and then no sound or a “Subscriber is out of service” prompt when calling indicates that the device is currently off.
  • You can use the Check SOS command found in the commands tab to double check that the SOS number is correct and has been accepted.
  • Be sure that the phone number you are calling is the same number listed for the device in the Info portion of the app.

Mobile 200 isn’t charging

If the red light comes on when you plug in the USB cable or magnet based cable, it should be charging. When blinking, it’s fully charged. The tracker will not update its battery percentage in the mobile app until it is turned on. Press and hold the clear button for 2 seconds until the blue and green lights flash to turn it on.

If the tracker does not charge past 50%, then you might try a different wall plug that can provide 1000 mA of current. Most wall plugs provide 500 mA of current which will only charge the battery to 50%. The plug included in the package will provide 1000 mA and fully charge the battery. Removing the device from the charger for 5-10 minutes, and then placing it back on the charger for another cycle will often help solve the issue as well.

Error: Enable Vibration Function

This occurs when a call is made to the device, and hung up within 10 seconds of the call starting. The Mobile-200 will send the text “Error please first enable vibration alarm function and then perform the operation”. This message can be ignored. This message is for a mode that we do not support as a device function, and is not an indication that the device has made any noise or vibration. The Mobile 200 is silent by default.

How do I get live audio?

Through this link you can purchase more audio minutes for $6 an hour.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions!