Step 1: Turn your tracker on

Start by turning your tracker on. You can learn more about the nuances of the tracker you purchased by reviewing the tracker guide for your model.

Step 2: Activate your tracker

If you purchased your tracker from, you can activate your tracker here.

If you purchased your tracker from another website (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google Express) you can activate your tracker here.

Regardless of where you purchased a tracker, you’ll need to get GPS tracking service to activate your tracker’s SIM card and get started tracking.

Step 3: Download the tracking app

  1. Download the “Logistimatics” app:
  2. Tap install. You may need to enter your Google Play or Apple ID password to download the app. If you have not installed an app before, you will be asked by Google or Apple to enter your credit card information.
  3. Once installed, open the app and login with the same email and password you used when purchasing the device or activating your tracker.
Login Screen for App

Getting things set up

If your tracker has a live audio feature, you will need to set your cell phone number as the number that’s authorized to listen (we call this the SOS number).

Instructions on how to set up your SOS number

The procedure for listening to live audio will vary by tracker, so you should check out the tracker guide for your device.

GPS Tracking

When first turned on after charging, allow a few minutes to find a signal to report your location. Place it in your window or take it outside to get a clear view of the sky for this initial report.

The tracker can report its position two ways: a precise GPS location and an approximate location based on nearby cell tower and Wifi access points.

If the tracker can’t “hear” any satellites and deliver a precise location, it will report a more general location from cell tower triangulation. We call this a “cell fix”.

What Reporting Looks Like

These reporting modes can be changed by going to the Commands tab at the bottom of the screen and selecting New.

A.30 second reporting

30 second tracking is useful for exact traces as a car travels

B. 2 minute reporting

Two minute reporting is good for spotting where someone has stopped but doesn’t show exactly how they got there

C. Cell fix

A cell fix gives only an approximate location when GPS reporting is turned off or the Qbit cannot get a good view of the sky

Tracking App Features Overview




If you’re having a problem, the best place to start is the tracker guide for your tracker. If you still need help, you can always open a Support Ticket.