The Qbit has two audio modes: silently listen in and two-way calling.

Silently listen in

Set your cell phone number as the SOS number

Upon receiving your Qbit, set your cell phone number as the authorized SOS number. You only need to do this once.

  1. Commands tab of the mobile app
  2. Select New
  3. Then Set SOS Numbers

You can set up to 3 phone numbers. Having 3 separate SOS numbers also allows for 3 separate numbers to call into the device.

Stealth Mode

Once you setup your Qbit for Stealth Mode, it will no longer have flashing lights or sound, and the tracker will only be able to call you via the MONITOR# command which is explained below.

The tracker does not come automatically setup this way; once it is in this mode, it will stay in this mode until set to a different mode.

Silently Have Tracker Call You

By sending the text message MONITOR# to the tracker’s phone number, it will reply back OK! and then call you a few seconds later, allowing you to listen in silently.

Two-Way Calling

When you call the Qbit’s phone number directly, it will ring (unless you set the stealth mode above), and the person with the Qbit will need to press the button to answer. You can then have a 2 way conversation.

SOS Button

Press and hold the button on the Qbit and it will call the SOS numbers in turn. You can answer the call have have a 2 way conversation.