You can use the Shipments tab in the browser to create and track your shipments.

*Note: Shipments is turned off by default.  If you want us to enable Shipments for your account, please Contact Support and we’ll get the feature turned on for you.  You can only access the Shipments page from

Once there, you can view all of the shipments you have created whether they are past or ongoing.
You can create a new shipment by clicking New.

After that, you will need to fill out the information for all of the following fields. In order to determine the Starting and End location, you will first need to create Geofences at those locations. To learn how to create geofences, refer to this article.

Now you will set the start and end date and time. In this example, you can see that the shipment is expected to last one month, from September 18th to October 18th. You can also see the estimated time of departure and arrival that was chosen. Once you have finished creating the shipment, press Save to finalize. (If the save button is greyed out it means that one of the previous parameters has not been set.)

You can view your new shipment on the previous page once you create it. You will be able to see its progress and when it arrives you can see if it was early, late or on time.

Sending a One-Time link to your Customers
When you view your shipment, you will see a web link at the bottom of the information bar. You can copy this link to send to your customers. This allows them to view the progress of their shipment. When they open it, it will display the current tracking page for this shipment, with other account features disabled and other shipments hidden.