Example of a cell tower fix in Vancouver

No GPS tracker can get a GPS position in all circumstances.

If the tracker is inside a building or surrounded by metal, it may not get a strong enough GPS signal to pinpoint its location. When it moves out of the building or has a clearer view of the sky, it will report precise GPS positions again.

When your GPS tracker cannot get a GPS position (or is in a mode with GPS tracking turned off), it will report the location of the nearest cell tower. This is indicated by a large blue circle on the map:

Depending on your tracker model, you may be able to send a command requesting that the tracker try again to get GPS position.

Why do we show cell tower fixes?

We want you to always have the most recent location from your tracker and we’ve gone to great lengths to give you the best information possible.

A cell tower fix tells you two things: approximately where your tracker is located and that it couldn’t get a strong GPS signal where it is now. In most cases, this is better than simply not knowing where it is at all.