Getting your tracker set up and running, with speed and simplicity in mind.

Wiring in your Tracker

When wiring in the device, your two main wires will be the red (positive) and black (negative). Those will provide power, and a ground respectively. Connecting the remaining orange wire is an optional step that can be wired in to track engine runtime information if needed.

How to Wire-In your Wired 300

The Wired 300 is typically wired into the dash area or glove compartment, NOT the engine or under the hood. A live wire is available throughout most vehicles, under the dashboard or steering wheel assemblies. Although it can vary based on the vehicle, we recommend referencing the owner’s manual for your particular ride for the wiring locations.

How to Wire for Engine Runtime (Optional)

  • Locate the Device’s orange ignition wire.
  • Verify the ignition wire by measuring the operating voltage while the key is turned to the ON or START position
  • This connection allows the device to report ignition OFF and ON events

Quick Start Guide