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Mobile 200

Does My Tracker Record Audio?

No audio is collected or recorded from any of the GPS devices that Logistimatics sells. Some Logistimatics GPS trackers have a Live Audio feature. Live Audio features audio that is live on a call just like a call to your cell phone. Logistimatics cannot recover live audio after it has occurred.   Have more questions… Continue Reading

Mobile 200/200i — Getting Started Instructions

Charging Your Device Charge the tracker with the provided USB cable or magnet charger. The tracker will glow solid red while charging and blink red when fully charged. You must turn on the tracker after charging it. Hold down the clear power button for 2 seconds until the green and blue lights flash. That indicates that the… Continue Reading

Mobile 200 – Setting Your SOS Number

Setting the SOS number on a device is the process of assigning a phone number – usually a personal mobile phone – to a device so the live audio feature can be used. Once the SOS number is set on a device, you can call the device using the phone number found in the Info… Continue Reading

When I call my tracker, it rings and hangs up. Why?

If your tracker rings once or twice and immediately hangs up, the cause is most likely that you have not set the SOS number. The tracker will hang up if it does not recognize the phone number that is calling it. This video explains how to set your SOS number. When you set the SOS… Continue Reading

Why isn’t my tracker charging?

Your tracker may be charging, but has turned itself off in order to charge faster and therefore isn’t updating its battery % in the app. To use your tracker and see the updated battery level in the app, you will need to turn your tracker back on. For the Mobile 200, the button on the… Continue Reading

I ran out of audio minutes. How can I add more?

You can purchase additional hours of audio here. Hours of audio purchased this way do not expire and are shared among all trackers on your account. Once purchased, audio time will be available for use immediately. If you’re having problems with live audio, please see our live audio FAQ.

How can I improve the audio quality of my tracker?

Our trackers with live audio have a small microphone hole usually on the front face or side of the tracker. This hole needs to be pointed in the direction of the person speaking. If you can place it out in the open, do so. In our experience, the best hidden location inside a car is… Continue Reading

My Mobile 200 only charges to 50%. How can I fix this?

The Mobile 200 will stop charging after 5 hours to avoid damaging the battery. If the wall plug does not provide enough current during that time to fully charge the battery, it will not be fully charged. Please make sure your wall charger provides 1000 mA of current or more. Many wall chargers will only… Continue Reading

Does My Tracker Make Noise?

All Logistimatics trackers, with the exception of the Qbit (see below**) and the Talkie Tracker***, are built without speakers that are able to project sound. Therefore, you NEVER need to worry about your tracker making a sound that someone else may hear. Does the tracker make a sound when you call it? NO Does the… Continue Reading

Tracker Placement

The graphic below demonstrates some examples of typical placement for inside and outside of a vehicle.