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Monthly Service Options

All of our trackers require a subscription. This amount includes all the cellular data and SMS fees for the tracker and also pays for the servers needed to store and process tracker data.

If you have just purchased a tracker, you can activate it at

We do offer quantity discounts starting at 10 trackers or more. These discounts are displayed on product pages. If you have a need for a large number of trackers, please contact our sales team at

Base service pricing

Most of our trackers are capable of reporting every 30 seconds and/or offer voice calling functionality. The service plans for these trackers are

  • 1 month – $14.95
  • 3 months – $41.85 (savings of 6%)
  • 6 months – $77.70 (savings of 13%)
  • 12 months – $143.40 (savings of 20%)

Asset trackers

Some of our trackers, such as the Mobile 310, are meant for long term asset tracking and report only a couple of times a day. Since the data usage is considerably less, the per-month pricing starts at $9 per month.

Shipment trackers

Our shipment trackers, such as the Mobile 299, report less frequently and have monthly plans starting at $8 per month.