Getting your tracker set up and running, with speed and simplicity in mind.

Downloading the App

  1. Download the “Logistimatics” app:
  2. Tap install. You may need to enter your Google Play or Apple ID password to download the app. If you have not installed an app before, you will be asked by Google or Apple to enter your credit card information.
  3. Once installed, open the app and login with the same email and password you used when purchasing the device.
Login Screen for App

Getting Started

When first powered on, allow the tracker a few minutes to find a signal to report your location. You would want to ensure it can get a clear view of the sky for this first report if possible.

Mobile 310 after being powered on. Note the flashing red light while the device attempts to report.

The tracker can report its position two ways: a precise GPS location and an approximate location based on nearby cell towers.

An approximate location would be issued if the device isn’t able to get a clear signal to report, isn’t powered on, or has been stationary for a period of time. The device would report its location based on nearby cell tower positions, these positions are indicated by a white pin and a large blue circle showing the approximate location. If the device cannot get a clear signal for a standard GPS report because it is in a garage, for instance, it would often issue a cell fix as a result.

What Reporting Looks Like

By default, the Mobile 310 reports once daily on a set 24 hour interval. The exact time of that report can be changed based on your need, feel free to reach out to our support team and we’d be happy to assist with changing that for you.

The amount of daily location reports can vary from one to four times each day, with the battery life scaling down accordingly as well. That interval can be changed from the Commands tab within the mobile app, found on the larger tracking map page as shown below.

Approximate Cell fix

A cell fix gives only an approximate location when GPS reporting is turned off or the tracker cannot get a good view of the sky

Troubleshooting Your Mobile 310

Mobile 310 stopped tracking

Either the Mobile 310 is powered off or it may have moved into an area of limited 3G cell coverage.

View 3G coverage map.

In the coverage map, “Partner” coverage does not work for 3G devices like the Mobile 310.

Mobile 310 is not showing its exact location

Oftentimes when the device is unable to update, or not showing an exact location it would be signal or coverage-related. Either the Mobile 310 is indoors or obstructed where it cannot get a strong GPS signal, or has moved into an area where it isn’t able to retrieve a clear cell signal to report.

It will begin reporting GPS positions on its next scheduled interval as soon as it moves outside again, or returns to an area with sufficient cell coverage. You can also get the device to attempt to report again prior to its next interval by powering the device off, and then back on again.

Quick Start Instructions