Why is my Tracker not reporting?

  • Have you allowed it some time?
    Our trackers sometimes just need a little time to update. There can be times where the local cell network that the tracker connects to is congested so the device can't update at the moment. Please be patient and give it about 30 minutes to begin tracking again.
  • Is the device turned on?
    One of the top reasons why a tracker isn't reporting is that the tracker is not powered on. Each tracker has to be turned on manually and can not be turned on remotely. If a device is off, it will usually show disconnected and will have not reported a position for an extended period of time. The longer a tracker has not reported, the more likely that this will be the reason it isn't reporting.
  • Is the device in cell coverage?
    Our trackers all need cell coverage in order to update their location. Most of our trackers are not running on the same network that your phone is on, so just because your phone has service in a certain area does not mean your tracker will. The first thing to determine is if your device works on 2G, 3G, or 4G cellular bands. That info can be found on the description of the item.

    If the tracker is on the 2G network, click here to see coverage.

    If your tracker is on the 3G network, click here to see coverage.

  • Are there any obstructions around where the device is placed?
    Our trackers need to be able to talk to satellites, and for this to occur the tracker needs to be in as open of an area as possible. When placing the tracker keep this in mind. If the tracker is inside a house or building, it is possible the tracker won't get an adequate signal. If the tracker is completely surrounded by metal i.e. in a trailer or a trunk, then it potentially will not be able to connect.
  • Do you have an active subscription?
    An active subscription is needed to gain access to any tracking information. If there is not an active subscription it will appear as if your tracker is not reporting. The status of a subscription can be seen in the info tab of the app, or on the left hand side of the web app when viewing the map. If your subscription is canceled or on hold, check to see if you had a payment fail.
  • Is the SIM card still present and correctly in place?
    This is one of the last things you should have to do to troubleshoot. All of our devices are sent out with a SIM card inside of the tracker correctly installed. If your tracker is getting power (lights flash on the device showing on) and you are in cell coverage and have followed all troubleshooting steps yet your tracker is still not reporting on the map, it is possible your SIM card is loose or missing. Contact support to understand best troubleshooting options for your specific device.

FAQ for why isn’t my tracker reporting?