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Pre-Sales Questions

Shipping Options

General UPS Shipping – cutoff time is 1pm EST, Monday – Friday. Orders placed after 1pm EST will be shipped the next business day. Free shipping – orders will ship the next business day. USPS First Class Mail (for single-item … Continue Reading

Pre-Sales Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Contact our Sales Team and we’ll be glad to assist with finding a tracking solution for you.

Monthly Service Options

All of our trackers require a subscription. This amount includes all the cellular data and SMS fees for the tracker and also pays for the servers needed to store and process tracker data. If you have just purchased a tracker, … Continue Reading

Does My Tracker Make Noise?

All Logistimatics trackers, with the exception of the Qbit (see below**) and the Talkie Tracker***, are built without speakers that are able to project sound. Therefore, you NEVER need to worry about your tracker making a sound that someone else … Continue Reading

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