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Asset Tracker 4

Live Audio FAQs

Asset Tracker 4 – Getting Started Instructions

Turning your tracker on Charge the tracker with the provided USB cable plugged into the wall charger. The power button is located underneath the battery power display.  Press and hold the button to turn tracker on. To turn off, press … Continue Reading

My tracker is not updating/reporting location

FAQ for why isn’t my tracker reporting?

Asset Tracker 4 – Quick Start Guide

Downloadable PDF of the Quick Start Guide.

How do I turn the Mobile 360 on? Hint: there are two switches!

To turn your tracker on, first remove the cover and set the switch to the ON position.  This switch should always remain on; don’t turn it off. Press and hold the button under the flap for 5 seconds or until … Continue Reading

When I call my tracker, it rings and hangs up. Why?

If your tracker rings once or twice and immediately hangs up, the cause is most likely that you have not set the SOS number. The tracker will hang up if it does not recognize the phone number that is calling … Continue Reading

How can I improve the audio quality of my tracker?

Our trackers with live audio have a small microphone hole usually on the front face or side of the tracker. This hole needs to be pointed in the direction of the person speaking. If you can place it out in … Continue Reading

Does My Tracker Make Noise?

All Logistimatics trackers, with the exception of the Qbit (see below**) and the Talkie Tracker***, are built without speakers that are able to project sound. Therefore, you NEVER need to worry about your tracker making a sound that someone else … Continue Reading

Tracker Placement

The graphic below demonstrates some examples of typical placement for inside and outside of a vehicle.  

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