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Auto 454

Getting Started With The Auto 454

The Auto-454 is an optimal performance, low-maintenance 4G tracker. Installation Your tracker is shipped ready-to-install into your car’s OBD2 port. This is typically in the driver area of the car, often under the steering column. After you plug your tracker … Continue Reading

How do I view past stops made by my tracker?

In the mobile app, when viewing the tracking map for your tracker, locate the Flag icon on the map. Select the Flag icon and use the left/right arrows to cycle through all stops for the selected time range. If there … Continue Reading

Does My Tracker Make Noise?

All Logistimatics trackers, with the exception of the Qbit (see below**) and the Talkie Tracker***, are built without speakers that are able to project sound. Therefore, you NEVER need to worry about your tracker making a sound that someone else … Continue Reading

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