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Does My Tracker Record Audio?

No audio is collected or recorded from any of the GPS devices that Logistimatics sells. Some Logistimatics GPS trackers have a Live Audio feature. Live Audio features audio that is live on a call just like a call to your … Continue Reading

Putting the Qbit into “Stealth Mode”

The Qbit can be put into a stealth mode to allow you to listen-in to audio on the other side of the device, without the device flashing or making any noise. The video below demonstrates this process: First, you will … Continue Reading

Live Audio FAQs

My tracker is not updating/reporting location

FAQ for why isn’t my tracker reporting?

Qbit – Using Live Audio

The Qbit has two audio modes: silently listen in and two-way calling. Silently listen in Set your cell phone number as the SOS number Upon receiving your Qbit, set your cell phone number as the authorized SOS number. You only … Continue Reading

How do I know if my Qbit is charging or turned on?

When your Qbit is charging, it will display a solid red light.  When it is 100% charged, the red light will flash. To check if your Qbit is turned on, press the button once quickly.  It will flash a solid … Continue Reading

How long will the Qbit battery last?

The short answer: 1-3 days, but it depends on how the tracker is used. Basically the Qbit is a technological miracle.  The Qbit is what you get if the world’s smallest cell phone and tiniest GPS tracker had a baby. … Continue Reading

When I call my tracker, it rings and hangs up. Why?

If your tracker rings once or twice and immediately hangs up, the cause is most likely that you have not set the SOS number. The tracker will hang up if it does not recognize the phone number that is calling … Continue Reading

I ran out of audio minutes. How can I add more?

You can purchase additional hours of audio here. Hours of audio purchased this way do not expire and are shared among all trackers on your account. Once purchased, audio time will be available for use immediately. If you’re having problems … Continue Reading

How can I improve the audio quality of my tracker?

Our trackers with live audio have a small microphone hole usually on the front face or side of the tracker. This hole needs to be pointed in the direction of the person speaking. If you can place it out in … Continue Reading

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