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Wired 300

Wired 300 — Wire In Instructions

Getting your tracker set up and running, with speed and simplicity in mind. Wiring in your Tracker When wiring in the device, your two main wires will be the red (positive) and black (negative). Those will provide power, and a … Continue Reading

Wired 300 – Getting Started Instructions

Getting your tracker setup and running, with speed and simplicity in mind. Powering Your Device The Wired 300 will receive its power directly from the vehicle, using the wiring kit included. Once wired in and the vehicle is powered on, … Continue Reading

My tracker is not updating/reporting location

FAQ for why isn’t my tracker reporting?

Does My Tracker Make Noise?

All Logistimatics trackers, with the exception of the Qbit (see below**) and the Talkie Tracker***, are built without speakers that are able to project sound. Therefore, you NEVER need to worry about your tracker making a sound that someone else … Continue Reading

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