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One ping a day

At one location report per day, our asset trackers will last 3+ years on a single battery.  You can easily increase the reporting frequency to 2, 3, or 4 times per day with a corresponding reduction in battery life.  That’s ideal for tracking high value assets in the field for years at a time.

With a strong magnet built in, tamper switch and alert functionality, and optional double sided mounting tape, this tracker is ideal for monitoring

  • Construction equipment in the field
  • Medical and rental equipment
  • Assets, vehicles and inventory

Reports worldwide

A GPS tracker is only as useful as where it can report from.  Logistimatics 4G asset trackers can report their location data worldwide. There is no up-charge or configuration change needed to make use of it globally.

Even in locations where it’s hard to get a GPS signal (e.g. inside concrete buildings), our asset trackers will still report nearby cell towers and Wifi access points which will give rough estimates of its true location.

Manage dozens to thousands

Our exceptionally well designed web dashboard and mobile apps scale easily from tracking one asset to thousands.  You can see at a glance where most of your assets are located and get real time notifications when they move from their expected locations.

You can manage your notification preferences with a single click or tap, invite others to view your trackers, and send configuration settings directly to the device from your desktop or mobile phone.

All included SIM management

We’re experts at managing large numbers of SIM cards remotely and our volume purchasing gets you the absolute best rates on SIM data plans.  Not to mention our significant commitment to a robust server backend and open API access allows you to worry about your fleet of assets, not the fleet of GPS trackers tracking your assets.

Complicated needs? Not a problem.
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