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Logistimatics GPS Tracking Service

From: $14.95 / month


Logistimatics monthly tracking service allows your tracking device to communicate its location. Tracking service also gives you access to our cloud-based tracking apps that let you locate your trackers from any computer or smartphone.

Our Live Audio feature lets you listen in to audio at your tracker’s location. Regardless of which tracking plan you choose, you can always buy additional hours of live audio for just $3/hr.

Monthly tracking service is automatically billed monthly and no contract is required. You can start or stop service at any time.

When you activate your tracker, you will receive an e-mail with a login information. You can track on the web or download the Logistimatics smartphone app for iOS or Android.

Note: Only trackers purchased from Amazon or another channel partner need to be activated. If you purchased directly from this website, you can activate your tracker from your account.


Your device number can be found on the tracker.   Show me

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