Get realtime visibility into your shipments with an inexpensive GPS Tracker.

The Logistimatics Micro-299 Shipment Tracker is designed for freight and shipment tracking.  It will provide up to date location data for up to 5 weeks on a single charge.  This tiny 2G GPS tracker will allow you to see where your shipment is right now and it’s complete tracking history.

Reusable or single-use

The Micro-299 Shipment Tracker can be reused multiple times. Service is just $8/month and you can stop service any time.  Because of it’s low cost, it can also be a single-use GPS tracking device.

Track from anywhere

Our tracking dashboard lets you see where all of your shipments are and share location data with customers or teams.  Get realtime visibility that allows you to insights into your supply chain and helps prevent surprises.

We needed more visibility into our shipments. Adding GPS trackers to our shipments cuts through the smoke and lets us verify where our products are instead of guessing. We send a link to our customers so they can track their shipments in real time as well. This has changed everything.
Jacqueline TannerDirector of Business Development

Shipment Tracking FAQ

Answers to common questions about shipment tracking.

Why should I be considering a GPS tracking solution?

  • To get ahead of problems.  Get alerted when your shipment is not on target for delivery.
  • Track critical shipments.
  • Differentiate yourself from you competitors.
  • Share a read-only link with your customers or team to the tracker’s current location.

How long does the battery last?

Our tiny shipment trackers will last up to five weeks between charges.  Simply include the tracker with your next shipment for realtime visibility into your shipment and to get ahead of problems.

How much does it cost?

The trackers cost $35/each and are sold in 2 packs.  Service is $8/mo and you can activate the tracker when you receive it.

I like the idea of using this to track my shipments. How do I try it out?

The best way to get started is to order a two-pack of Shipment Trackers and we’ll ship them to you for to try.  There are no contracts required and you won’t be billed for service in the future unless you decide reactivate your trackers for additional months.  If you choose to reactivate a tracker for another month, it’s just $5.


Shipment Tracking Lifecycle

Logistimatics offers a consumable GPS tracker which is suitable for “single use” applications.

GPS Shipment Tracker | Micro-299 for Shipments

$40.00 $35.00

The Logistimatics Shipment Tracker (Micro-299) is a small 2G GPS tracker designed to provide shippers with real-time location data. Micro-299’s low cost allows it to be used a consumable tracker so it doesn’t need to be recovered at the end of the shipment.

  • Designed for use as a shipment tracker.
  • Up to 5 weeks life between charges (with 1 hour location reporting).
  • Low cost GPS tracker can be used in single-use applications.
  • Tiny form factor is only 5/8″ thick.
  • Trackable throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. 

Track and manage all of your shipments from the Logistimatics tracking dashboard. Track from any web browser, iOS or Android device. Get alerts when a tracker enters or exits an area (a geofence). You can share a read-only tracking link with team members or customers so they can see the tracker’s current location.

Have additional questions?  Get in touch with us.

  • Real time location reporting.
  • Configurable report frequency (the default report period is hourly).
  • Includes Quick Start Guide and USB charging cable.
  • 2.55″ long x 1.2″ wide x .7″ high, 1.4 ounces. -4 to 131F Operating temperature
  • Monthly tracking service is $8. Save 13% when you activate for 6 months and save 20% with an annual subscription. You can activate your tracker when you receive it.

Is your goal vehicle tracking? We recommend the Mobile-200 tracker.

  Fast, free shipping on US orders.
  You can activate your trackers when you receive them.
100% Satisfaction and 30 day money back guarantee.

You can track anywhere there is 2G cellular service.  Our GPS trackers are not limited by range like some bluetooth tracking products.  GPS trackers work by getting their location from GPS satellites and reporting that location back on the cell network.  Our trackers work in the US, Canada, and Mexico.  For other international destinations, please contact us.

We ship all of our trackers within one business day.

Tracking your device is easy. You can track your device from any smartphone by using the Logistimatics app.  You can also track your device from any computer using the web browser app.

The battery lasts approximately 5 weeks when reporting every hour.

No problem. You can add additional months of service for $5.

If you need more than 100 trackers, please contact our sales department for additional discounts.

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