Power-Cycling Your Device

Why Do I Need to Power-Cycle? In the event of network errors or connectivity issues, it is often the best course of action to perform a power-cycle on your device. Power-cycling essentially resets both the hardware and software performance of … Continue Reading

Keep Track Of Your Pet With A GPS Tracker

Having a pet that spends time outside, or is prone to the occasional runaway can be a source of anxiety for all pet owners. Micro chips and RFID based trackers can only go so far, as they would only be … Continue Reading

Shipment Tracking with GPS Trackers

Managing large numbers of shipments spanning across multiple states and territories can be a near impossible task. Systems in place such as RFID, and Yard Management Systems, can only do so much when a shipment is late or missing. One … Continue Reading

GPS Tracking for Boats

Whether you operate a boat rental service, or just own a single vessel for personal use. Being able to monitor and keep track of your investment is essential. Boats can be very difficult to track down once taken, and often … Continue Reading

GPS Trackers For Fleet Tracking

Managing large fleets of vehicles, each with their own destinations and cargo, can be a demanding task for any logistics company. Keeping track of freight locations, and driver activity can be a time consuming and labor intensive process when done … Continue Reading

GPS Tracking For Off Road Vehicles

As the season gets underway and ATV owners take to the outdoors, unfortunately the risk of theft can increase as well. The size of the vehicles can make them particularly susceptible to theft, and difficult to track down once taken. … Continue Reading

GPS Trackers For Drones

Drone technology continues to grow and advance, leading to more and more possibilities for new and current drone owners alike. As the technology continues to become more valuable, having a way to adequately protect your investment is essential. One way … Continue Reading

GPS Tracking For Elderly Care

Managing the care of a loved one that requires frequent supervision is a tough task. Individuals diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s in particular, are prone to behavior such as wandering. This can happen just once, but for many it is … Continue Reading

Preventing Unauthorized Grey Market Sales

As a distributor, being able to keep up with shipments isn’t always a straightforward process. Shipments can be late, arrive at the wrong distribution center, or be stolen. In industries such as technology and medicine, there is also a risk … Continue Reading

GPS Tracking For Heavy Equipment

The high price point and high demand for heavy machinery can make them particularly susceptible to theft. Whether it’s the entire large piece of equipment that’s taken or just a single mechanical part, the loss in time and money can … Continue Reading

Vehicle Tracking For Auto Dealerships

As a vehicle dealership, late or missed payments can unfortunately be inevitable. This can put owners in a position where they have to locate a vehicle for repossession, or try and receive payment from the customer in a timely manner. … Continue Reading