Announcing our Reseller Program

GPS tracking reseller

We do GPS tracking. That’s really all we do. It’s a lot of work to set up a server platform capable of handling 1+ million location messages a day, work around firmware bugs, and manage fleets of SIM cards.

However, most of our customers are trying to solve problems where GPS location data is just one part of the solution. Think monitoring heavy equipment in the field for maintenance and rental fees, or watching high value shipments make their way around the world to places they shouldn’t go. We can’t be experts in all these other fields, which is why we’re eager to work with others who are.

Sprinkle on GPS tracking

If you have a customer problem you know would benefit from GPS location data, we’ve worked hard to make it as easy as possible for you to have a custom-branded tracking platform up and running in no time.

As a reseller, you buy trackers and service (at a discount!), on whatever schedule suits you and you are welcome to bundle and charge what makes sense for your customer and the value you bring to the table. You’ll also have your own branded website like our tracking website. If you’ve got some programming chops or need to ingest the data into another system, you also have access to our API at no additional charge.

Sound good? Want to know more? Got feedback on terms? We’re happy to put together something that works for you.

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