Choosing the Best GPS Tracker

When determining which GPS tracker is the best, the answer will vary depending on how the tracker will be used.  

For example, consider someone looking to track their child vs. a company looking to track their equipment, the two users will have different needs for their tracker, thus the “best tracker” will not necessarily be the same for both.

Below is a brief description of the best trackers for general use, for cars, and for assets.

1.) Best GPS tracker for general use:  Micro-420


The Micro-420 is a reliable 4G GPS tracking device that works on the Verizon Network, offering real time GPS tracking and is trackable from anywhere in the United States.  The only device on the market right now that works on both Verizon & T-Mobile networks.  It has a rechargeable battery life of 7-10 days.  It is trackable on the web or any iOS or Android device and can also get real-time alerts when the tracker leaves a geographic area (geofence) by sending notifications via text, email or app.  It’s small size allows it to be placed inconspicuously in a vehicle, with a person or on property. Use it to track anything with pinpoint accuracy through our cloud based apps.                                                                                   

2.) Best GPS tracker for cars:  Mobile-200

The Mobile-200 is a highly reliable tracker best used for tracking vehicles with a waterproof and dust-proof enclosure.  The battery will last 2-3 weeks between charges with 30 second location updates (and longer when used periodically).  This device can send live audio from it’s location to your cell phone. It’s small size and magnetic mount allows it to be placed inconspicuously on a vehicle.  Track your Mobile-200 from any computer or smartphone while also getting real-time alerts when the tracker leaves a designated geographic area (a geofence) sent to your cell phone.  Also offers the ability to view historic location for tracker (route playback).  Overall, best GPS tracker for tracking Vehicles.                                                                              

3.) Best tracker for assetsMobile-310

The Mobile-310 is the perfect GPS tracker for assets that don’t require constant location reports.  If you want to be able to recover an asset that is stolen and not have to worry about battery life, Mobile-310 is a great solution.  It is a 3G tracker with a 5 year battery life.  It is designed for long term use without recharging and reports it’s location a few times each day.  It’s ideal for tracking equipment, electronic assets, medical equipment and containers.  It has a rugged, waterproof enclosure and an anti-tamper switch that will alert you if the tracker is ever removed by sending an instant text or e-mail notification.  It’s magnet mount allows it to be attached to any metal surface and is trackable throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.  Essentially, ideal for protecting property and equipment while minimizing any need for charging or maintenance.


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