Announcing our single-use GPS Shipment Tracker!

Micro-299 Tracker for Shipments 

Have you ever needed a GPS shipment tracker that could be send out without having to worry about getting it back?  Verifying the location or custody of your shipment as it travels is not easy. We’re excited to announce a consumable (single use) shipment tracker. With our new reusable/ single use tracker, you can get realtime visibility into your shipments with an inexpensive GPS tracker.

The Logistimatics Card Tracker is specifically designed for shipment tracking.  It will provide up to date location data for up to 4 weeks on a single charge. This tiny 2G GPS tracker will allow you to see where your shipment is right now and it’s complete tracking history.  Not only will it allow you to always see where you shipment is, but it can also can be reused multiple times.  It is affordable (less than $35) and you can buy a single month of service for $8.  Because of it’s low cost, it can also be a single-use GPS tracking device as well.

Our tracking dashboard lets you see where all of your shipments are and share location data with customers or teams.  Simply share a read-only tracking link with team members or customers so they can see the tracker’s current location. Easily track from any web browser, iOS or Android device. Get alerts when a tracker enters or exits an area (a geofence).This realtime visibility allows you to get insights into your supply chain and helps prevent unwanted surprises.

Below are frequently asked questions for further support:

Why should I be considering a GPS tracking solution?

  • To get ahead of problems.  Get alerted when your shipment is not on target for delivery.
  • Track critical shipments.
  • Differentiate yourself from you competitors.
  • Share a read-only link with your customers or team to the tracker’s current location. 

How much does it cost?

  • The trackers cost $35/each.  
  • You can always activate the tracker for additional months for just $8/month.

I like the idea of using this to track my shipments. How do I try it out?

  • The best way to get started is to order a two-pack of Shipment Trackers and we’ll ship them to you for to try.  
  • There are no contracts required and you won’t be billed for service in the future unless you decide reactivate your trackers for additional months.

If you have any questions about our GPS shipment tracker, please contact us!

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