GPS Tracking For Heavy Equipment

The high price point and high demand for heavy machinery can make them particularly susceptible to theft. Whether it’s the entire large piece of equipment that’s taken or just a single mechanical part, the loss in time and money can be a significant issue. Unfortunately the recovery rate for stolen equipment is relatively low when compared to other assets, due to the quick turnaround and high demand a stolen piece could be moved in a matter of days. This is where GPS tracking can come into play. With a tracker on the equipment, you could track its location from a mobile phone or web browser from where ever you are. In the event of theft, the device could be recovered using the GPS data reported from the tracker.

Why GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers offer the peace of mind of knowing right where your machines are located, and can significantly reduce or eliminate issues with theft on a job site. In the event of theft, tracking information can be shared with local Law Enforcement for a straightforward retrieval of the asset. Many devices are equipped with a magnet right on the case and can be mounted onto any piece of equipment, making for a quick and easy installation. You can monitor their location from anywhere, regardless of how far you away you are from the tracker. So whether you’re right at the site, or hundreds of miles away, you’ll always know where your assets are located.

Special Considerations for Equipment Tracking

Equipment tracking can be a tough application for trackers.  Trackers are frequently exposed to extreme temperatures, water, dust, and vibration.  Be sure to choose a tracker with an IP rating (dust and water resistance) that matches your application.  If your tracker is somewhat protected (like in the cab) you can get away with a lower IP rating. 

The Asset-432 and Wired425 trackers are excellent choices for equipment tracking.   Both provide reliable long-term tracking for both heavy and light equipment.


Benefits of Equipment Tracking

  • Theft reduction and improved recoveries.  Companies who track their equipment experience fewer thefts and a much higher rate of recovery of stolen equipment.  Our experience is that the response from law enforcement is tremendous when you explain your missing equipment has an active GPS tracker.
  • Improved utilization.  Tracking equipment helps you understand when your equipment is idle for long periods of time.  If you have a realtime tracker, our software will tell you exactly how long your equipment has been stopped.
  • Prevent unauthorized use and increase safety.  Unauthorized use of company equipment can lead to safety and liability issues. 
  • Improved safety.  During the workday, visibility into tracker location and speed will help you understand precisely how your equipment is being used. 

Case Study

A foreman is faced with the issue of his machinery being stolen from the job site. A problem that has come up during the winter offseason months as well. The high value of each piece can make losing just one a giant hit for his construction group. He knows that the chance of the machinery being recovered once taken is slim, so he invests in GPS trackers to mount onto each of his machines. In addition to being able to track the location of each piece of equipment on the job site from their mobile phone, they are able to track them down in the event of a theft.

Types of Trackers Available

There are a variety of trackers that could apply to a number of use cases. From trackers that can be wired in directly to the power system of a piece of equipment, to devices that track using battery power and monitor live audio in the surrounding area. Depending on the use case, you could have many different types of trackers and be able to monitor them all from one easy to read interface.

Why Logistimatics?

We sell high quality tracking hardware that is affordable and easy to use. The software included is straight forward, and takes the guess work out of vehicle tracking. We test our hardware in all kinds of environments so that when you buy from us, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. Our support team is ready to answer any questions you have. With Logistimatics you can easily track from the web or with with your iOS or Android device.


You can take a look at our Equipment Tracking page here.

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