How To Make Money Selling GPS Trackers

Are you looking to make money in the emerging market of GPS trackers? The ability to track assets and personnel using GPS tracking technology has created new waves in the business world as companies search for technology to meet that need. Tracking that can be relied on from theft prevention, tracking of shipments, assets, and vehicles, to tracking a lost purse or backpack. As the technology gets smarter and more cost effective, now is perhaps the best time to get involved in the GPS tracking industry.

Why GPS Trackers?

There is currently a need in the market for reliable GPS tracking systems with a diverse array of use cases. Whether it’s a logistics company looking to locate a shipment, to a parent tracking their young child. Consumers and businesses alike now have access to technology that allows them to do just that. As a white label reseller with Logistimatics, you would be able to capture monthly and recurring revenue by reselling GPS trackers under your own company banner. Along with the trackers, is a monthly subscription for the GPS tracking service which opens the door for a recurring passive income. You would be able to set your own prices, and manage your own customer base.

Case Study

A commercial HVAC company in a large city has been losing outdoor units to theft for more than a decade. Their attempts to recover the stolen units have been largely unsuccessful. As a result, they began to add long term asset trackers to the equipment. They can deploy them strategically based on the risk of theft, and currently have several hundred in use. Their cost to operate the trackers is a few dollars a month. In the last year, the company has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen equipment with their GPS trackers. A good example of how easily GPS tracking can be integrated into a business for loss prevention purposes.

Why Logistimatics?

We have built a business model with a history and forecast of growth and stability. We offer trackers at a competitive price, and are the only provider currently that offers live audio as a feature alongside GPS tracking. With Logistimatics you would have access to a proven supply chain, with devices available at, or close to cost. Our white label reseller program offers you the freedom to run your business the way YOU want. The program offers access into the expanding world of GPS tracking services, without the legwork and headache. Once you have your customer base locked down, you would be ready to get selling!

What About Customer Support?

Resellers would help their customers by providing information about tracking products, and handling delivery of equipment. They also provide help with billing and support questions. Our Reseller Support Team would be available alongside to support you from answering any questions you may have, to troubleshooting technical issues.


As a reseller you would set your own prices for products, as well as the service attached. Devices would be available for you to purchase at, or close to cost. You would have complete control of the profit margins of your business.

What’s The Verdict?

GPS trackers are a tremendous asset for reliably tracking objects from large asset shipments, to vehicles at a dealership. The versatility of the target audience makes building a customer base more straight forward then other products. You would have the ability to source devices and provide products in a market looking for tracking solutions, both consumer and commercial. You would be put in a position to be able to succeed, in a system ready to facilitate that success. If you are interesting in entering into the world of GPS tracking as a vendor, the White Label Reseller program through Logistimatics could be a great fit!


We always recommend purchasing a tracker to test, this is the best way to understand the value proposition. You can contact us via or

If you think your company is a good fit, apply through our resellers page and we’ll be in touch!

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