The Qbit can be put into a stealth mode to allow you to listen-in to audio on the other side of the device, without the device flashing or making any noise. The video below demonstrates this process:

First, you will first open the app and click the view button on your Qbit to show the Map. At the bottom, there will be 4 Tabs(Map, Info, Commands, Alerts). You will click the commands tab, opening up a new screen. Next, you will click “New” in the top right-hand corner. Once you click that it will open up up the list of commands you can send. The commands you will send are “turn off lights and sound” and “Disable SOS #”.

Once those are sent and show received by replying “OK!” you will send the command “have tracker silently call you” or you can send the text message MONITOR# to the tracker’s phone number. It will reply back OK! and then call you a few seconds later, allowing you to listen in to the other side.

The tracker does not come automatically setup this way; once it is in this mode, it will stay in this mode until set to a different mode.