GPS Asset Tracker 4 with Live Audio and Extended Battery


The Asset Tracker 4 is an extended battery life tracker designed for tracking vehicles or assets.

  • Ideal for tracking vehicles with a waterproof enclosure.
  • 3-4 weeks of battery life between charges.
  • Listening capabilities that route audio from device to your cell phone
  • Magnet mount allows tracker to be mounted under a vehicle.
  • Anti-tamper switch will alert you if tracker is removed.
  • Trackable throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. 

The Asset Tracker for has a high powered lithium-ion battery that will last between 3-4 weeks depending on the location reporting interval. Easily track vehicles, equipment or property with our cloud based apps. The tracker allows for precise GPS locations from anywhere. Easily track from your web browser, iOS or Android device. Get real-time alerts when the tracker leaves a geographic area (a geofence).

The Asset Tracker 4 can also send live audio from it’s location to your cell phone. To enable stealth audio monitoring, you would simply call your tracker’s phone number. When you call, you will hear an opened microphone channel to the tracker. Audio monitoring is silent at the tracker’s location.

For vehicle tracking, the tracker is typically placed under the rear bumper area of the vehicle.  This allows for quick installation and reliable reporting. If the tracker is placed under the vehicle, the audio feature is not usable.
Alternatively, the tracker can be placed inside the cab of the car.

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  • Magnetic splashproof and dustproof enclosure – Rated IP65
  • Track vehicles, property or other assets
  • View historic location for tracker (route playback)
  • Location updates every 30 seconds when moving (configurable)
  • Real time reporting and geofencing
  • Get alerts when devices leaves a designated area
  • High performance chipset allows for reduced power consumption
  • Large 10,000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • In the box: GPS Tracker, battery charger, SIM card, USB cable, user manual
  • -4 to 158F  Operating temperature
  • 4.25″ long x 2.4″ wide x 1.2″ high, 11 ounces. -4 to 158F Operating temperature
  • Please note that live audio features are only available in the United States.
  • Buy with confidence. 100% satisfaction guarantee and support for the lifetime of your service
  • Monthly service includes location updates every 30 seconds when the tracker is moving and 2 hours of live audio. You can always add more live audio for just $3/hour.
  • You can purchase tracking service for $14.95/month and activate service when you receive your tracker.

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  You can purchase tracking service for $14.95/month and activate service when you receive your tracker.
We’re so confident in our trackers that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with our products or service.

You can track any place where there is cellular service.  Our GPS trackers are not limited by range like some bluetooth tracking products.  GPS trackers work by getting their location from GPS satellites and reporting that location back on the cell network.  Our trackers work in the US, Canada and Mexico.  For other international destinations, please contact us.

We ship all of our trackers within one business day.

Tracking your device is easy. You can track your device from any web browser or smartphone. When you place your order, you will receive a username and password to track your device.

If you need more than 10 trackers, please contact our sales department for additional discounts.

GPS trackers have to communicate their location on cellular networks.  The monthly access cost provides for cellular data transmission as well as access to all of our cloud based tracking applications. It is $14.95/month per device.

You can cancel your service at any time. Tracking service is just $14.95/month per device.

Quantity discounts for multiple trackers:
10 - 49$62.10
50 - 99$60.72
100 - 499$58.65
500 - 999$57.27
Discounts for monthly service:
10 - 49$12
50 - 99$11
100 - 499$10
500 - 999$9