Pocket Tracker | Small GPS Tracker | 4G Personal Tracking Device

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  • A 4G tracker for vehicles, people, and property.
  • Up to 10 days battery life between charges.
  • Real-time tracking with updates every 30 seconds and corner correction.
  • A tiny tracker that fits easily in the palm of your hand.
  • Works almost everywhere! The tracker uses AT&T’s 4G cellular network.
  • Easy to use tracking from any iOS or Android phone or web browser.


The Tracker for Everything!
Track vehicles, family members, luggage, equipment, seniors and more with this tiny real-time tracker. Drop this compact device inside a purse, glove compartment or backpack to track the things you care about most. The Pocket tracker can be tracked from a web browser or any iOS or Android device. Get real-time alerts when the tracker leaves a geographic area (a geofence).

Powered by the 4G Cell Network
The Pocket Tracker comes out of the box ready to track anything. The tracker isn’t limited by range and will track virtually everywhere there is cellular service. It works on the 4G cellular network so coverage is rock solid, even in remote areas.

Getting started is easy. Just place the tracker in what you want to track and you’ll be able to see exactly where it is at any time. Everything you need to get started tracking is included (your tracker, a USB charger and cable, SIM card, and getting started instructions)

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You can track anywhere where there is cellular service. Our GPS trackers are not limited by range like some Bluetooth tracking products. GPS trackers work by getting their location from GPS satellites and reporting that location back on the cell network. Our trackers work all over the world and will track anywhere there is cellular service.

We ship all of our trackers within one business day.

Tracking your device is easy. You can track your device from any web browser or smartphone. When you receive your tracker, you will be able to log into the tracking app for iOS or Android (or any web browser) and begin tracking.

We’re here to help! Please contact us for information and help about your tracker.

GPS trackers have to communicate their location on cellular networks. You can learn more about GPS tracking service.

If you choose the month-to-month plan, you can stop service at any time. There are no contracts. If you choose a 6 or 12-month commitment or prepay for service, you can save a bundle.

Safety Button feature

Press the Safety Button to get an instant location alert on your phone.

Family members and love ones can give you an instant check-in by pressing the Safety Button. When they press the Safety Button, you will recieve a text, email or app notification. This helps you keep tabs on your loved ones with the touch of a button. Watch the video to learn more about the Safety Button.

  Pressing the Safety button generates an immediate notification

  A map link showing the exact location of the tracker is sent

  The Safety button is configurable and you can disable notifications

4G GPS Car Tracker

Great for Tracking Cars

The Pocket Tracker is an ideal car tracker. The tiny tracker can fit easily into a glove compartment or under a seat. You’ll get a detailed look at vehicle speed, all the stops that are made, and historic locations of everywhere the car has traveled.

  • Great battery life.
  • Tiny and easily hidden.
  • Dependable and so easy to use.
4G GPS Personal Tracker

Real-time GPS Tracking

The Pocket Tracker is so easy to use. Slip the tracker into a backpack, car or whatever you want to track to see up-to-the-moment location tracking from your phone or browser. Our tracking apps make it easy to see where your tracker is right now and everywhere it has been (including where it stopped!). Get customized alerts via push notification or text message when events happen. This tiny tracker delivers reliable data + peace of mind.

GPS Tracking App

A Beautiful Tracking Experience

Tracking is easy and can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Install the Logistimatics app on your phone and you’ll see an easy-to-use dashboard that shows you where all your trackers are. You can share your tracker with others so they see where the tracker is in real-time. Our world-class support team is here to help with any questions you have along the way.

Powerful features like the Safety Button

The Pocket Tracker has an impressive list of features that help you track the things that you care about most.

  • Safety button for instant notifications
  • Configurable reporting frequency to maximize battery life
  • Discrete with a tiny form factor
  • Beautifully designed apps to make tracking from your phone easy

Make it a Combo: Pocket Tracker + Waterproof Case

Are you adding the Pocket Tracker under a vehicle or on equipment? You’ll want to add a magnetic, waterproof case. The case protects the tracker from the elements and attaches to a metal surface with powerful magnets. Protect your tracker and use it in any environment with our durable Pocket Tracker + Case Combo.


6 reviews for Pocket Tracker | Small GPS Tracker | 4G Personal Tracking Device

  1. debbarreira

    Great product and 100% accurate. I recommend the water proof magnetic case with this tracker.

  2. Mark T.

    The pocket tracker lets me know that my older mom is safe when she gets home from being out. If she presses the safety button, I receive a text and app notification to my cell phone.

  3. AbleFencing

    This is a good tracker. It took me a minute to figure out the app but everything works great.

  4. tarheel_21

    works great. get the case if you’re using it to track a car.

  5. Sarahshelley

    My daughter has this tracker. I can see everywhere she goes and if she presses the button, I get an instant alert with her location on my phone.

  6. DarleneP

    I really like the logistimatics tracker. It really pinpoints the position of my granddaughter’s car. I have now ordered another one.


  • 4G GPS tracker with rechargeable battery
  • Small, splash proof enclosure. Rated IP66 (waterproof + dustproof)
  • Ideal for tracking vehicles, people, equipment and more
  • View historic locations for tracker
  • Configurable reporting frequency
  • Get alerts when the device leaves a designated area (geofencing)
  • Built in battery. 2600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable
  • -4 to 140F operating temperature
  • 2.75” long x 1.5” wide x 1” high, 4 ounces. (65 x 38 x 25.4mm)


Inside the box:

  • Pocket Tracker 4G GPS device
  • USB Charger and cable
  • SIM card
  • Getting started guide