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GPS Tracking Solutions

Discover GPS trackers for travel, personal security, and monitoring assets or vehicles. Gain peace of mind, security, and insights with features like real-time tracking, geofence alerts, and location sharing.

GPS trackers provide easy-to-use solutions that help increase safety and security. Protect the things that matter most to you with a GPS tracking solution from Logistimatics.


GPS tracking for real-world applications

GPS Tracking for Luggage

Whether by bus, train, or airline carry-on, luggage mix-ups happen every day. Why not track it with a GPS device? With greater accuracy than a bluetooth tag and access to our tracking platform, you can count on Logistimatics to keep an eye on your luggage.

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Vacation & Trip Tracking

Share your latest vacation travel, hike, or ski trip with your friends. Give them the opportunity to follow in your footsteps and see the same amazing sights. Plus, gain peace of mind with personal safety while traveling in remote locations.

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Tracking & Security in Dangerous Environments

Tracking for peace of mind in dangerous environments. Leverage the audio-enabled device to ensure an individual’s safety when they’re headed out into a storm or reporting from a dicey locale.

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GPS Tracking for Cars & Trucks

Whether it’s your favorite car, a classic, or a new hotrod…get realtime location data and analytics about your treasured vehicles.

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GPS Tracking for Motorcycles

Track and document your rides while protecting your bike from theft. GPS tracking that’s perfect for protection and partying.

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GPS Tracking for ATV's

Both in-season and out, keep an eye on your ATV’s location with our GPS tracking solutions. Get alerted whenever your vehicle exits or enters a geofenced area.

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GPS Tracking for Snowmobiles

Both in-season and out, keep an eye on your snowmobile’s location with our GPS tracking solutions. Get alerted whenever your vehicle exits or enters a geofenced area.

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GPS Tracking for Boats

Both in-season and out, keep an eye on your boat’s location with our GPS tracking solutions. Get alerted whenever your vessel exits or enters a geofenced area.

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GPS Tracking for Sand Sports

Both in-season and out, keep an eye on your over-land vehicle’s location with our GPS tracking solutions. Get alerted whenever your vehicle exits or enters a geofenced area.

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GPS Tracking for Water Sports

Both in-season and out, keep an eye on your jetski’s location with our GPS tracking solutions. Get alerted whenever your water toys exit or enter a geofenced area.

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GPS Tracking for Elderly Care

Elderly and memory-challenged family members require special attention. Giving these loved ones a GPS tracker can help. Our geofencing solution helps provide families with peace of mind that their favorite location-challenged elder hasn’t wandered off or gotten lost.

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Parents of Teen Drivers

New teen drivers are more likely to drive older cars, made without GPS tracking services to help in case of emergency. Get peace of mind that your new teen driver is safe with our audio-enabled car charger tracker. Get visibility into the speed of the car or unusually long stops, and receive geofence entry and exit to let you know if they’re headed somewhere unusual.

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    4G GPS Trackers

    GPS Trackers that connect on the 4G cellular network for the best reliability.

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    Beautiful Apps

    Tracking apps for web, iOS and Android deliver a clean, powerful experience.

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    Stored Historic Locations

    Your historic location data is stored in the app - just log-in to view.

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    Location Information Sharing

    Share your location information with a trusted friend, partner, or family member.

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    Realtime Updates

    Get up to the minute location data for your important items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of tracking?

    To determine the current location and past locations traveled, with timestamps and direction indicated, of a specific object. Additionally, many use our trackers for personal security and peace of mind when on the go.

  • What are the main features of tracking?
    • Real-time location monitoring
    • Historical tracking data
    • Geofencing
    • Custom alerts
    • Specialized features per device
  • How can I discreetly track my car to prevent loss?

    There are a variety of GPS trackers specifically designed for tracking the location and historical movement of cars. GPS trackers for cars are made with a wide range of differences in size, shape, battery life, features, and reporting frequency, depending on what is needed for a specific use case.

    GPS tracking devices for cars are typically installed inside or outside a car. Car or vehicle trackers may be powered by an internal battery that is rechargeable with several days of battery life. Another option is a GPS tracker that can be wired into your car’s battery, thus eliminating the need to manually recharge the tracker over time.

    Once a tracker is installed on your car, you can easily monitor the movement of your vehicle using a mobile app that displays the tracker’s location on a map.

  • Is it legal to use a GPS tracker in a car? How are GPS trackers used legally?

    Generally speaking, it is legal for you to track things or assets that you have ownership of such as vehicles, precious objects, pets, etc.

    One of the best and most common applications of GPS trackers is tracking vehicles to prevent car thefts. Both individuals and businesses benefit from tracking the things they own for safety and security reasons.

    If you have further questions about how GPS trackers can legally be used in your state, make sure to review your local regulations to confirm you are in compliance with the law.

  • How can I find a GPS tracker in my car if someone has hidden one there?

    GPS trackers are often small or magnetic and can therefore be quickly attached somewhere out of sight.

    If you suspect someone has placed a GPS tracker in or on your car without your consent, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement for assistance.


  • Why do GPS trackers use SIM cards?

    A majority of GPS trackers contain a SIM card that allows the tracker to communicate with cellular networks like a cell phone. While GPS trackers get their location data from GPS satellites generally, trackers still need to get their location data back to a server so that the data can quickly be displayed on a map for the person tracking. For this reason, GPS trackers typically contain a SIM card so that the tracker can utilize cellular networks to send location data quickly.

    Some GPS trackers also use cellular networks for additional location reporting ability. Cellular derived location pings are typically not as accurate as GPS location pings, and often cellular pings show the location of the nearest cellular tower instead of the GPS device. However, GPS trackers with this cellular reporting feature can provide a general location ping at times when the device is in a location where it cannot achieve a GPS signal.

  • Can I use a GPS tracker indoors?

    GPS trackers work best outdoors but they are also capable of working indoors inside a home or building. The type of materials the building is made of and anything around the tracker can impede the ability for the device to achieve GPS or cellular signal.

    A good rule of thumb is to avoid the GPS tracker being encased in (or surrounded by) metal, which is a material that is is often hard to penetrate with GPS or cellular signals. You may find a GPS device can work well in certain buildings but not in others.

  • What is the monthly cost of using a GPS tracking server? Are there GPS trackers that track for free?

    Tracking Service pricing

    All Logistimatics trackers require a tracking service plan. GPS trackers provide value by showing you their current and historical location data within an easily accessible app or interface. This location data must be stored and typically hosted on a cloud server that has costs to maintain.

    Most reputable and trustworthy GPS companies will require a monthly or yearly service fee to account for the application development and storage of tracking data.

  • What is a GPS tracking interval or reporting interval?

    Tracking interval or delay is the time that GPS trackers take to update the location, coordinates, or relative information within the tracking app.

    In practice on a map, a location update looks like a dot that appears indicating the position of the tracker and the time the position was recorded. The amount of time it takes for the next location update dot to appear is called the GPS tracking interval. For real-time tracking, you want a device that updates the location every 30 seconds when moving.

  • What is motion activation in GPS and how does it work?

    To save cellular power, most upgraded GPS devices come with motion activation circuits. The GPS tracker will only give you an update of the location when it is moved. Therefore, if it is not moving or changing positions, you will not get an update. This GPS option is useful to save battery health.

  • What is a Geofence and how does it work with GPS trackers?

    A Geofence is a virtually created geo-boundary or zone that is permanently stored in the tracking app until deleted. Geofences are typically created by first typing in an address that the Geofence will center around. Once a Geofence is created, GPS trackers can then send alerts to the user when the tracker enters or exits a Geofence area.

  • What are the options for how to power a GPS tracker?

    There are three primary options for how to power a GPS tracking device:

    1. Hardwired GPS devices – wire the GPS device permanently into an external power source, such as a vehicle’s electrical
    2. Plug-in GPS devices – plug the GPS device into an OBD or lighter port of a vehicle
    3. Battery-powered GPS devices – utilize a GPS device with an internal battery that is rechargeable easily by USB cable
  • Can I find a GPS tracker with my phone?

    Your phone will typically not allow you to find a GPS tracker hidden or installed on your vehicle or property. To detect a GPS device, you will either need a device that detects a GPS signal or detects a cellular signal. Most GPS devices utilize both of these signals to operate and track.

    Companies develop and sell apps that can allow a user to download an app and track a cellular phone. These apps require having access to the specific phone you want to track beforehand to download and install the app in question.

  • How can I track my item's location?

    There are many free mobile apps that will allow you to track an item or person. Remember that people must consent to be tracked, and the person also downloads the tracking app on their own phone (if they typically carry their phone with them most times). This is a common tracking technique for families that monitor loved ones for safety and security purposes.

  • Are GPS trackers worth it?

    Absolutely. Once you have a GPS tracker installed on your vehicle, equipment, or asset, you no longer need to worry about what happens if something goes missing or gets stolen. You gain peace of mind knowing you can monitor your valuables at any time and you can also receive alerts if your asset starts moving unexpectedly.

    Save time, stay informed, reduce stress, and save money for your bottom line. GPS trackers can benefit people and businesses in a variety of different ways.

  • How long does a GPS tracker battery last?

    This answer will depend on the type of GPS tracker and what powering options are available for a specific use case.

    Some GPS trackers can last for weeks and will need to be recharged periodically. These trackers typically report their location constantly and can be used for vehicle or personal tracking.

    Other trackers don’t recharge and instead feature a long-term battery of 3+ years! These long-term battery GPS trackers typically only report a single location once per day.

    Finally, there is a type of GPS tracker that receives power from an external source, such as a car battery or the battery of a piece of equipment. These types of GPS trackers can wire to an external source or they can utilize specific ports such as a vehicle’s OBD port or lighter port.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We ship in case quantities (20pc) to locations outside North America and in single pieces to select countries. If you are located outside the US, please contact us for more info on placing an order.

  • Can I integrate tracking data into my current workflow / app / software?

    Yes. We provide a full featured API which allows you use your realtime tracking data in your existing company workflows.

  • I have a special use case for tracking and have an out of the box request. Can you accommodate?

    Almost certainly. We would love to talk to you about your application and find a solution that works. Our development team can deliver custom GPS tracking solutions.