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Enhance your motorcycle security with GPS tracking solutions

Whether you’re looking to protect your motorcycle from theft, optimize your rides, or keep a close eye on your vehicle’s condition, our GPS tracker solutions for motorcycles help open the road for a smoother ride.

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Track your motorcycle with an easy dashboard

Track locations and manage all your motorcycles and other vehicles in one place

Our vehicle tracking system is intuitive and made for tracking motorcycles, bikes, vespas, or any vehicle. Access the dashboard right from your mobile device or computer, and view your motorcycle’s location instantly. View and download past location data to gain valuable insights on driving behavior.

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Motorcycle Theft

Motorcycle theft protection with GPS tracking

Secure your motorcycle against theft with our state-of-the-art GPS trackers. Designed for high efficiency and reliability, our trackers offer:

Real-time location tracking | Stay informed with instant theft alerts and pinpoint the exact location of your motorcycle in real-time, ensuring quick recovery and peace of mind.
• Geofencing for enhanced safety | Set up secure zones and receive alerts if your motorcycle leaves these predefined areas, adding an extra layer of protection against theft.
Instant alerts | Receive instant alerts and updates on your motorcycle’s security and performance.

GPS tracker solutions from GPX help keep your motorcycle safe wherever you go.

Know where your motorcycles are in real-time

See real-time locations on a map showing speed, stops, and more from anywhere. GPS vehicle tracking is easy and reliable and puts you in control with reliable updates and alerts.

Always know the location of your motorcycle, trike, vespa, or any vehicle.


Bike trips: Keep the journey going

Our enhanced motorcycle GPS tracking systems for motorcycles maximize your travel experience and create ideal situations for trip planning, as well as motorcycle sharing. Maintain control over your bike with real-time monitoring, customizable alerts, and superior theft protection and recovery.

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Live audio monitoring

Our Mobile 200 device offers live audio monitoring, which lets you hear what's happening at your tracker's location.


Amazing support

We're here to help. Chat or call a live person who can help answer questions and resolve problems.


Seamless experience

Stop or start your subscription as needed.


Engine runtime reporting

Track engine hours to help with maintenance with our Road Wired device. Runtime reporting makes it easy to monitor wear and tear on your bike.


Historical location data

See where your tracker is right now and everywhere it has been in the past.


Realtime alerts

Get alerts when events happen. You can be notified via text message, email or app notifications.


Speed reporting

Understand what speed your bikes are moving and take action to keep things safe.



Take control of the safety of your motorcycle. Monitor speed, location and the places your vehicle stops.


Location sharing

If you need to share tracker location information with others, you can simply add them as users to your account.


Easy tracking platform

The tracking dashboard is elegant and easy to use. Tracking is simple and straightforward.


Geofence alerts

If your bike leaves or enters a designated area, get an alert on your phone, tablet or computer.


Vehicle stops

See everywhere your motorcycle stops as well as the duration. Stops let you see patterns of behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a motorcycle anti-theft GPS tracking device?

    A motorcycle anti-theft GPS tracking device is a specialized tracker designed to help prevent theft and assist in the recovery of stolen motorcycles. These devices offer real-time location tracking, allowing you to monitor your motorcycle’s whereabouts through a mobile app or web platform. Many also feature movement alerts, geofencing capabilities, and tamper alarms, alerting you immediately if your motorcycle is being moved or tampered with without authorization.

  • Where should my tracker be placed on my motorcycle?

    Your tracker should be placed in a discreet location on your motorcycle to prevent tampering or removal by thieves. Ideal spots include under the seat, inside the fairings, near the battery compartment, or any other concealed area that does not interfere with the motorcycle’s operation. Ensure the tracker is mounted securely and is protected from extreme temperatures and water.

  • Can I track my motorcycle without a tracker?

    Tracking a motorcycle without a dedicated tracker is challenging, but not entirely impossible. If your motorcycle is equipped with a connected system that supports GPS functionality, you may be able to use the manufacturer’s app to locate your bike. Alternatively, if you’ve installed a third-party smart device (such as one from Logistimatics) with GPS capabilities on your motorcycle, you could potentially use that for tracking. However, for reliable real-time tracking, a dedicated GPS tracker is highly recommended.

  • How do I find a tracker on my motorcycle?

    To find a tracker on your motorcycle, start by checking common installation spots such as under the seat, within the fairings, near the battery compartment, or under the dashboard. Trackers are usually placed in discreet, concealed areas to avoid detection by thieves. If you suspect a tracker has been installed without your knowledge, look for any unusual wires or devices that don’t seem to be part of the motorcycle’s original equipment.

    If you suspect someone has placed a GPS tracker on your motorcycle without your consent, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement for assistance.

  • Is there a motorcycle tracking device available for Android?

    Yes, there are several tracking devices available that are compatible with Android devices, but it’s important to note that AirTags will not work with Android devices. Logistimatics trackers connect to an Android app, allowing users to monitor their motorcycle’s location directly from their smartphone. Features include real-time GPS tracking, movement alerts, and historical location data.

  • What should I look for in a GPS tracker for a motorcycle?

    When choosing a GPS tracker for your motorcycle, consider factors such as battery life, real-time tracking capabilities, waterproof rating, size and discreetness, ease of installation, and subscription fees. Also, look for additional features like geofencing, movement alerts, tamper alerts, and the ability to track via a mobile app or web platform.

    If you suspect someone has placed a GPS tracker in your luggage or on your person without your consent, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement for assistance.

  • What does a typical motorcycle GPS tracker look like?

    A typical motorcycle GPS tracker is a small, compact device, often about the size of a deck of cards. It usually has a rugged, waterproof exterior to withstand the elements and may have external ports for charging or connecting antennas. Some trackers are designed to be as discreet as possible, with minimalistic designs and no external wiring, making them easier to hide on the motorcycle.

  • How do I install my GPS tracker on a motorcycle?

    Installing a GPS tracker on a motorcycle generally involves finding a discreet location for the tracker, securing it in place, and connecting it to a power source if necessary. Most trackers can be mounted using built-in magnets, strong adhesive, zip ties, or brackets. For trackers that require a constant power supply, you may need to connect them directly to the motorcycle’s battery or wiring system. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure proper installation and functionality.