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GPS Tracking for Personal Safety and Security

Our real-time, personal GPS trackers use alerts to enhance individual safety as well as the security of your family and valuables. Discover the ideal GPS tracker that aligns with your specific requirements and brings peace of mind in a constantly connected world.

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Emergency Alerts

Real-time location monitoring and emergency alerts

Stay connected and secure with real-time location updates. We help put you in control with features like customized Geofences, so you know if your devices enter or leave specific areas.

Our personal GPS trackers also provide quick response SOS features for urgent situations.

Valuable Security

Enhanced security with personal tracking devices

Our range of personal GPS trackers offers unparalleled safety and peace of mind. Equipped with real-time location tracking and emergency alert features, these devices are ideal for ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones in various situations.

Secure your valuable personal items with our advanced personal GPS tracking solutions. Whether it’s for electronics, luggage, or high-value assets—including your vehicles—our trackers provide real-time monitoring and alerts to prevent loss or theft.

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GPS tracking for the elderly and children

Tailored for the unique needs of the most vulnerable, our GPS trackers for the elderly and children combine ease of use with critical safety features. 

You’re provided with reliable tools for monitoring and ensuring the well-being of your loved ones, including:

  • – Geofencing capabilities so you know when your loved ones enter or leave an area
  • – Real-time alerts and SOS for emergencies

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    4G GPS Trackers

    GPS Trackers that connect on the 4G cellular network for the best reliability.

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    Beautiful Apps

    Tracking apps for web, iOS and Android deliver a clean, powerful experience.

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    Stored Historic Locations

    Your historic location data is stored in the app - just log-in to view.

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    Location Information Sharing

    Share your location information with a trusted friend, partner, or family member.

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    Realtime Updates

    Get up to the minute location data for your important items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between personal safety tracking with an AirTag, versus GPS?

    The primary difference between tracking a person with an AirTag and a GPS device lies in the technology and purpose behind each. AirTags utilize Bluetooth technology to provide location information through a network of devices within the Apple ecosystem, making them ideal for short-range tracking and locating lost items nearby. GPS devices, on the other hand, use satellite signals to offer precise global location tracking. GPS trackers provide real-time location data directly to a dedicated app or platform, making them suitable for long-distance and precise location tracking.

    If you suspect someone is tracking you without your consent, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement for assistance.

  • Why would someone want to track a person's location?

    Tracking a person’s location can serve various purposes, all typically centered around safety and security. Parents may track their children to ensure their safety on their way to and from school, caregivers might monitor the location of elderly individuals who are at risk of wandering, and individuals may track their partners or family members during travels for peace of mind. In all cases, it’s crucial that tracking is done with the individual’s consent and for legitimate reasons.

    If you suspect someone is tracking you without your consent, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement for assistance.

  • How do you track a person's location for safety purposes, with their consent?

    To track a person’s location with their consent, you can use a dedicated GPS tracking device that includes a smartphone app designed for location sharing. The person being tracked would carry the GPS device and have the app installed on their smartphone. The trusted friend or cohort can leverage Logistimatics’ location sharing link, as provided by the person sharing their location. This allows for real-time location monitoring through a web platform or a mobile app, enabling authorized users to see the person’s location. It’s important to have open communication about privacy and to use these tools responsibly.

    If you suspect someone is tracking you without your consent, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement for assistance.

  • When would it make sense to track an elderly person?

    It makes sense to track an elderly person in scenarios where their safety and well-being are of concern, such as if they have Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or another condition that increases their risk of wandering and getting lost. Tracking devices can help caregivers monitor their location, ensure their safety, and quickly locate them if they wander away from home or a care facility. The use of such devices should always be discussed and agreed upon with the elderly individual or through appropriate legal consent.