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Real-Time GPS Dog Tracking: The Best New Dog GPS Tracker

Our new real-time, small-profile Dog GPS tracker allows users to set a custom geofence around their property, the dog park, their walk route, and more.  Get alerted by email, text, or on the app when your pup strays out of those zones. Discover Nanoguard, one of the best dog GPS tracking solutions on the market.

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Custom Geofencing For Precise Pet Tracking

We help put you in control with features like customized Geofences, so you know whenever your pet enters or leaves specific areas. The geofence shapes are up to you: geofence your dog park, your home property, your walk route, a trail hike, and more.


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Retrofit Your Dog's Collar with GPS Tracking

No need to buy a special collar – use your own! Simply clip the spiral ring onto the tag loop for security, and then clip the device securely onto the collar band.


A GPS Tracker Perfect for Dog Harnesses

Simply slip the coiled ring attached to the NanoGuard onto the harnesses’ D-ring – the same one you’d clip the leash onto. Then, slide the clip onto a sturdy part of the harness for pet comfort. And, you’re good to go!


A GPS Tracker Small Enough for Small Dogs

Don’t weigh your little pup down with a chunky tracker from one of those other guys. Get the NanoGuard to keep an eye on your best friend, even when you’re not watching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best GPS tracker for dogs?

    The finest GPS trackers for dogs balance advanced safety features with an intuitive design, like our NanoGuard GPS tracker. It ensures your pet’s freedom and safety outdoors, supported by our leading-edge tracking technology. Visualizing your dog safely exploring with NanoGuard can underscore the sense of security our trackers deliver.

    The NanoGuard is a top-notch GPS tracker for dogs, offering dual mounting/security onto your pet’s collar or harness. But, in addition to the device itself, it’s important to learn how geofencing and alerts are handled by the app or platform:

    • Does the platform allow you to create custom geofences, or just circles around a space? NanoGuard does; ours offers custom geofencing.
    • Does the platform allow you to create custom rules to make your tracking and alerts more precise? NanoGuard does; choose how and when you want to be alerted.
  • Is the tracker small enough for my small dog?

    Yes, the NanoGuard has a small profile, at about an inch tall and wide, and 1/2 inch thick. Logistimatics staff use the NanoGuard tracker on their small dogs like Shih Tzus, a Chihuahua mix, and a Yorkshire Terrier mix.

  • Can a GPS tracker withstand my big dog? Is it tough enough?

    Yes, the NanoGuard is small but mighty. Logistimatics staff use the NanoGuard tracker on their big dogs like an American Staffordshire Terrier, Boxer, and Labrador Retriever. Some team members have added a zip tie for extra device security on the dog’s collar or harness, but this is optional.

  • What's the difference between dog tracking with an AirTag, versus GPS?

    The primary difference between tracking a dog with an AirTag and a GPS device lies in the technology and purpose behind each. AirTags utilize Bluetooth technology to provide location information through a network of devices within the Apple ecosystem, making them ideal for short-range tracking and locating lost items (or pets) nearby. GPS devices, on the other hand, use satellite signals to offer precise global location tracking. GPS trackers provide real-time location data directly to a dedicated app or platform, making them suitable for long-distance and precise location tracking; a much more reliable option for tracking your pup.

    If you suspect someone is tracking you or your pet without your consent, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement for assistance.

  • Can I track my dog if they get lost?

    Yes! You absolutely can track your dog with our NanoGuard. It is specifically designed to quickly locate your lost dog and bring them back home safely, offering real reassurance during stressful moments. Utilize our app for live updates and set up safe zones to receive instant alerts if your dog wanders off, ensuring you’re always a step ahead in keeping them safe.

  • How does a dog GPS tracker work?

    GPS dog trackers operate by harnessing satellite technology to deliver instantaneous location updates, allowing you to track your pet’s position through your smartphone. By emitting signals to a constellation of satellites, these devices pinpoint your pet’s location and communicate it back to your device, offering precise and current location details whenever you need them.

  • What's the best GPS tracker for my dog's breed/size?

    Identifying the most suitable GPS tracker for your dog involves understanding your specific requirements, such as size, breed, and activity levels. Our NanoGuard GPS tracker excels in meeting these needs with its real-time location tracking and customizable geofencing features. It’s designed for effortless integration with any collar or harness, ensuring a comfortable fit for both petite and larger breeds. With NanoGuard, you can create personalized safety zones and receive immediate notifications if your pet ventures beyond them, offering unparalleled assurance and protection for your beloved companion.

  • Can a GPS tracker help prevent dog theft?

    GPS trackers play a crucial role in enhancing the safety of your pets by acting as a deterrent against theft. With their ability to provide real-time alerts and pinpoint the exact location of your pet, these devices are instrumental in preventing potential thefts. Specifically, the NanoGuard GPS tracker offers an added layer of security. It not only facilitates immediate detection if your dog moves outside predefined safe zones but also aids in the rapid recovery of your pet by supplying precise location data. In scenarios where a dog is stolen, the detailed information provided by NanoGuard becomes a powerful tool for law enforcement and pet owners to swiftly locate and recover the stolen animal.

  • Can I use a GPS tracker when traveling with my dog?

    GPS trackers are invaluable for pet owners who travel, offering universal support to keep you connected with your pet no matter where your adventures take you. These devices provide peace of mind by ensuring that your dog’s location is always within reach, turning potentially stressful journeys into enjoyable experiences. The NanoGuard GPS tracker, in particular, shines in this aspect by ensuring seamless connectivity, regardless of your destination. Its international functionality keeps you updated on your pet’s whereabouts with ease, allowing for stress-free vacations or moves. With NanoGuard, the location of your dog is accessible with just a simple tap on your device, ensuring every adventure you embark on together is safe and enjoyable.

  • Can I use a GPS tracker for my senior dog with dementia?

    GPS trackers are exceptionally beneficial for senior dogs, especially those suffering from dementia. These devices feature safe zone alerts and simplified monitoring tools, helping you create a secure and comfortable environment for your aging companion. The NanoGuard GPS tracker further enhances these capabilities, offering specialized functions to cater to the unique needs of senior pets, ensuring they remain safe even if they wander off or become disoriented.

  • Do microchips have GPS trackers?

    Microchips serve as a crucial form of permanent identification but lack GPS functionality. Combining a microchip with a GPS tracker, like NanoGuard, offers comprehensive security: permanent ID for long-term recovery and real-time tracking for immediate location updates, providing a full spectrum of pet safety and peace of mind.

  • Is there a dog tracker that doesn't require a subscription?

    While there are dog trackers on the market that do not require a subscription, these models often come with limitations, such as reduced data storage and fewer advanced features. Our NanoGuard GPS tracker, however, offers both monthly and annual subscription plans that unlock a suite of premium features. These include extensive historical data storage within the app, real-time location updates, custom geofencing, and more, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and safety for your pet.

  • Can you track a dog with a microchip?

    Although microchips do not track location, pairing one with a GPS tracker maximizes your pet’s safety. Our NanoGuard tracker complements the identification benefits of a microchip by providing precise location tracking, ensuring you can quickly locate your pet if they wander off.

  • How do you track a lost dog with a microchip?

    To effectively track a lost dog, combine their microchip with a GPS tracker for real-time location updates. This combination, especially with a device like NanoGuard, accelerates the recovery process, ensuring a fast reunion with your lost pet.

  • Are GPS trackers safe for dogs?

    GPS trackers are meticulously engineered to prioritize the safety and comfort of your pets, allowing them to securely roam and explore. Beyond offering critical location updates, these trackers, including our NanoGuard model, empower owners to set up virtual boundaries for their pets. This capability ensures that your dog’s adventures are monitored and that they stay within safe limits, providing you with peace of mind. NanoGuard, in particular, is designed to be lightweight and comfortable for dogs of all sizes, ensuring they are safeguarded without any compromise on their freedom or your tranquility.