We track the important things in your life ™

Our Mission

Logistimatics exists to help our customers locate the people and things they care about most.
We believe there is a growing expectation that people should be able to know where valuable assets and people are located.
Logistimatics sells high quality tracking hardware and software that is affordable and easy to use.

We track everything. ®

Buy With Confidence

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    Trusted by Businesses and Consumers

    Logistimatics has sold thousands of trackers which are in use across the US and internationally. Companies and individuals choose us to provide reliable tracking for people and assets.

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    30 Day no-hassle return policy

    Most people have never tried GPS tracking. We understand that it can be tricky figuring out what tracker will work best for your use case. We have a 30 day no-hassle return policy. If you want to return or exchange your tracker, it couldn’t be easier!

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    High Quality Tracking Hardware

    Tracking things is the only thing we do. We sell the highest quality tracking hardware for a wide range of applications. We test our hardware in all kinds of environments. When you buy from us, you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.

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    Excellent Support

    We’re here to help! Our world class support is ready to answer any questions you have. Our tracking software is the easiest to use. You can easily track from the web or with with your iOS or Android device.

I have been a long time Logistimatics customer. I love the product. My trackers work great, the apps are easy to use and it's the most affordable solution out there...I checked. I recommend Logistimatics all the time!
Kim Ellisboro

Logistimatics Leadership Team

Logistimatics is powered by a team of dedicated, creative employees who care about what they do.

Gabe Headshot Gabriel Weeks, CEO
1517722762711 John Barbour, Head of Product
Kim Headshot Kim Dazey, Head of Marketing
Tammy Henning Tammy Henning, Head of Finance & Operations
Mitch Belsley Mitch Belsley, VP of Customer Experience