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Real-time Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS trackers for cars and vehicle tracking systems help give you peace of mind by providing real-time monitoring and security—protect your drivers and keep track of what matters most.

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Protecting your investments, protecting your drivers

Tracking devices help protect your vehicle investments and help keep an eye on high-risk drivers. Monitor the location of:

• Investments like muscle cars or sports cars

• Classic and vintage cars, trucks

• Elderly family members continuing to drive

• Teens and other first-time drivers

Maybe you’ve just bought your dream vehicle and want to keep it protected. Or, maybe you’re ready for that next big road trip — maybe you have a teen who’s already in line at the DMV on their birthday. Car tracking devices and GPS tracking systems for vehicles help you gain peace of mind.

Classic Cars

Discreet tracking, available with tamper alerts

Once found or identified by thieves, trackers can be removed or disabled, rendering the tracking system ineffective and leaving the vehicle unprotected. But, many Logistimatics GPS car trackers now come in compact, discreet designs, with some offering tamper alerts. The trackers can be hidden in various parts of the vehicle, reducing the risk of detection and tampering.

Peace of mind: Know your vehicle's location at all times

See real-time locations on a map showing speed, stops, and more from anywhere. GPS vehicle tracking is easy and reliable and puts you in control with reliable updates and alerts.

Always know the location of your car, truck, or vehicle.

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Real-time alerts: vital for GPS car tracking

GPS tracking helps you get ahead of problems before they happen. Logistimatics puts you in control with features like customizable geofences and alerts—you can get notified when your vehicles enter or exit a specific area.

This empowers you to:
• Know instantly when vehicles leave designated areas

• Receive alerts for when vehicles arrive at designated locations

Gain additional personal safety and security

Track it all with an easy dashboard

Track locations and manage all your vehicles in one place

Our vehicle tracking system is intuitive and made for tracking cars, vans, trucks, or any vehicle. Access the dashboard right from your mobile device or computer, and view your vehicle’s location instantly. View and download past location data to gain valuable insights on driving behavior.


The Mobile-200 GPS tracker for cars, vans, trucks, and SUV's

Get real-time location updates with this powerful GPS car tracker.

  • Live audio monitoring for emergencies

  • Rechargeable with 7-10 day battery life

  • Historical tracking and real-time alerts

Know what's going on with your cars + trucks

Take control of your vehicles and get alerted when events happen

Protect your auto-assets today with a GPS vehicle tracking device and powerful tracking app. Create geofences that notify you when your vehicle enters or exits a specified area. See the location and duration of past vehicle stops.


Live audio monitoring

Live audio monitoring lets your hear what's happening at your tracker's location. Live audio is available on supported devices.


Amazing support

We're here to help. Chat or call a live person who can help answer questions and resolve problems.


API integration

Get realtime GPS location data from your cars and trucks into your existing software workflows.


Engine runtime reporting

Track engine hours to help with maintenance. Runtime reporting makes it easy to monitor wear and tear on a car or truck.


Historical location data

See where your tracker is right now and everywhere it has been in the past.


Realtime alerts

Get alerts when events happen. You can be notified via text message, email or app notifications.


Speed reporting

Understand what speed your vehicles are moving and take action to keep things safe.



Take control of the safety of your vehicle. Monitor speed, location and the places your vehicle stops.


User accounts

If you need to share tracker location information with others, you can simply add them as users to your account.


Easy tracking platform

The tracking dashboard is elegant and easy to use. Tracking is simple and straightforward.


Geofence alerts

If your tracker leaves or enters a designated area, get an alert on your phone, tablet or computer.


Vehicle stops

See everywhere your vehicles stops as well as the duration. Stops let you see patterns of behavior.