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Review: The best 4G GPS Tracker

4g_gps_tracker Posted by John Barbour on December 4, 2018

We are really excited to announce that one of our products, the Micro-420 was recently added to the list of Best GPS Trackers for 2019 on Tracker Reviews, a reviews site that helps people select the best GPS tracker for their use case.

Our Micro-420 is incredibly unique and has a few features that we think make it stand out. First off, it’s one of the only GPS Trackers that is 4G. Most other devices operate off 2G or 3G networks, however with this device you don’t have to worry about spotty coverage. Also, it runs off the Verizon Network which means you’ll be able to use the tracker in some more rural areas where other trackers may not work. Overall, a great device with a long battery life of 7-10 days.

We’re proud to offer a great multi-purpose 4G tracker and happy that the Micro-420 GPS tracker is helpful for so many people.